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    Lost connection to server

      Today and last night i was playing ghosts and kept lagging and then it would go into lost connection

      to server or host. I'm in the usa. Anyone else experiencing this? Very frustrating!!

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          Re: Lost connection to server

          If you were lagging all night, and just getting worse and worse, I would suggest power cycling your modem (leave it off for a good 5-10 mins) Also empty your cache. Is your NAT Open or Strict ? - If it is strict you may need to setup your modem correctly for Ghosts.

          If that doesn't work too well.go to www.pingtest.net If you have a lot of jitter or packet loss it is time to call your ISP.

          Having said all that - It may just be some bad matchmaking. I often find my matchmaking changes according to time of day.


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              Re: Lost connection to server

              How do i setup my modem  empty my cache? check if my NAT is open or strict? Sorry do not know how to do these things

              can you help?


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                  Re: Re: Lost connection to server

                  Empting Cache:


                  Setting up your modem for ghosts. There are a few ways to help your modem's ability to transfer ghosts data.

                  - You can use the upnp setting on your router. Upnp is like an automatic configuration - your router will search out any ports that you might need.

                  -  You can port forward - This is probably the most common method; a manual way of telling your modem which ports to open up to ghosts traffic. A good starting point is here :  Port Forwarding Guides for PS3 Call of Duty - Ghosts

                  - You can put the PS3 into the DMZ (demilitarized zone) of your router. DMZ just lets everything through.

                  NOTE: If you are using port forwarding make sure that your Upnp setting is turned off. Upnp overrides manual port forwarding. Also - If using DMZ (not my first recommendation) - there is no need to port forward or Upnp.

                  Most important - if you are a techno noob - your best bet is to ring your modem support. They will be able to step you through it,,, might even be able to remote control your router and do it for you.


                  Whatever you do - you should give your PS3 a static IP address. The following vid will give you an undertanding:



                  If you have never done this sort of stuff before, it may be a bit mind boggling at first. The forum is here to help

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                      Re: Lost connection to server

                      well no packets lost jitter was 4. Tried everything here and try to play a game was playing a little then the lag started and then i got lost connection to the host/server. I dont know what to do now. i know the status of the game is on defcon 4 but other people are playing.Should i maybe just try a wired connection? I played BO2 for a long time with no issues. Maybe my router is having issues? My internet is working and everything else in the house is connected to the router so im lost at this point. thanks alot for the help!

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                  Re: Lost connection to server

                  i keep getting this error! ANYONE ELSE?

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                    Re: Lost connection to server

                    Your connection or router/modem is having an issue.

                    Unplug them and power them back on at least once a day.

                    Maybe upgrade to a Cat5e Ethernet cable and only play wired as well.

                    Turn on UPNP. It is the best setup for your router.

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                      Re: Lost connection to server

                      Hi Mikeheid,

                      If you are still experiencing this issue, here are some tips you may want to try.


                      You can always check online services status here http://www.callofduty.com/ghosts/status


                      If online services are fully operational and you are still unable to connect, you may want to try the following.


                      • Reboot your router.
                      • Restart your system.
                      • Try using a wired connection in order to sustain the connection quality.
                      • To help identify if there is an issue with the router or blocked ports, try connecting directly through the modem. 
                      • Check the NAT type.  Is it Open, Moderate or Strict?
                      • Establish a static IP address and port forward. 


                      Here are the port numbers you will need:


                      PS: Activision Support


                      Should you have any questions on how to port forward, please contact your ISP or the router manufacturer.


                      Regards ^AH

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                        Re: Lost connection to server

                        its not your modem its ghost. im having the same problem and if you can play everything else like i can then how can it be your modem.

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