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    Camping: Your Opinions?

      I've noticed that camping has become a major hot topic in Ghosts right now, so I want to know what you think about it.


      In my honest opinion, it is a bit of a headache, especially when people equip Dead Silence/Amplify and/or Off The Grid with their camping classes... It's even worse than MW3, when people used Assassin Pro with portable radars and we all know how OP Assassin Pro was. However, I have noticed that when I do play with my party, we always point out where the campers are. C4 is a major help in this case, as we can kill the camper without having to worry about dying again.


      That's my opinion and I hope you'll respect it, like I'll respect whatever your thoughts are on this playstyle.

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          1. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

          I think from the choice of perks and weapons in this game and from the different elements that were included in the map designs that it is pretty obvious that Infinity Ward considers sniping (camping) a valid play style and encourages it. (just as they encourage run-n-gunning and other play styles)


          It is a preference thing. But there is no doubt that good snipers are a force to be reckoned with in real world situations and in games like this.

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            2. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

            if you run in the sights of a camper and die on such a huge map then your bad, and your even worse if he continues to kill you from the same spot over and over again, on huge maps you shouldn't complain about campers, let em be there are 5 other enemies you can kill

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              3. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

              any play style can be dealt with.


              unless you hack the game you cant counter or account for everything.


              either you are full stealth but you will loose close encounters or you decide to use equiment that gives you away or you are not full stealth but thermal will give you away.

              then you have to consider that footsteps can give you away, sat com can give you away, not using cold blooded can give you away or if you decide to stay in a certain area a simple grenade laucher with or without dangerclose can kill you very easily.


              i found the rocketlauncher from the support class to be a very awesome weapons since you can pinpoint where you want it to go.


              complaining about a style = simply admitting you got outsmarted.

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                4. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                Camping, rushing, hiding, running, ducking, jumping, sprinting, covering, shooting, throwing, dying, surviving, fighting, sucking, beatings, losing, winning, pushing, holding, moving, evading, avoiding, cunning, and newbies = part of COD.


                Accept everything that comes with the game, period. What others do, or don't do, whether we like it or not is not our decision to make or force upon. People will do what every it is they want, good and bad.

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                  5. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                  I must admit, ive started to camp on occasion now.

                  Every previous COD i have been a rusher, but this time round, with big maps, and uniforms that easily blend in to the backgrounds,  its so much easier to slow that pace right down.

                  Ive been awful at sniping on every previous COD, but sniping is so easy on this one that ive earned the ghillie suit(which in turn makes camping more attractive)


                  I used to moan about campers, but they were always easy to deal with. they tended to stay in one place, and when you got them, they would head back there.


                  with my "camping" class i will get my kill, then relocate, so i kind of camp my way all around the map, like a boy scout...

                  to be fair, when i am using my "camping" class i probably cover more of the map than most rushers who spawn/die/spawn/die

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                    6. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                    Some would argue that is called defending. But camping realistically is quite difficult in this game, with all the many doors and entrances to rooms. You find one door, then wonder where you just died from, then realise theres another door! Its Doorception!


                    anyways yeah.

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                      7. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                      I have to admit, there is a shitload of doors ahaha

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                        8. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                        I'm not stupid enough to run back to a camper and revenge kill him. That's the best way to lose good stats... I only kill them when I've respawned, restarted whatvever streak I'm on and I'm roaming the map again. I think of how to kill them and the best way to do it

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                          9. Re: Camping: Your Opinions?

                          Ok, danger close and noob tubes means campers have no chance. That being said I think camping can be a viable role and important for your teams victory, helping spawn teammates near you, as long as you are in a desirable location for attacking objectives, and when I camp I'm almost guaranteed my streaks, which will be whatever I think will help my team win. I only use a sniper when camping and don't care what anyone has to say about it. People hate being killed on these games lol. ive even been called a camper on search, IMO you cant camp on SnD

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