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        40. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

        Same for me. Playing FPS is like getting rid of frustrations I got at work or in traffic. Ok I do swear sometimes but never insult anyone personally. That would be low. I'm kinda ok I think. I have a 2.12 kd right now but that doesn't really matter. Only thing that matters is that you have fun and if you get a 10-0 score or a 0-10 score, who cares just have fun!


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          41. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

          I'll eat my mouse if there isn't a mild aim assist on ghosts.  I do play with controller, and the ease of aiming compared with Black Ops is drastic.  Plug your controllers in and alternate games, then come back and say there's no aim assist.

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            42. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

            Meant to be played on a keyboard?  Really? There's what, 20 times as many people all playing with gamepads than there are using keyboards and mouses?  Am I mistaken, or are players of fps migrating to consoles daily?  I can't help but think it's this nonsensical, we are the master race, use a keyboard or f*** off to a console that  is killing the breed quicker than cancer.


            Will you be happy when instead of what, 20/30 thousand players at peak, become 5000, because they all f***** off to a console?  Maybe you should be more open minded and welcoming.. just saying.


            I game on a pc because I like better graphics and a smooth frame rate(the irony of posting this  here lol)

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              43. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

              Check this out,


              It's 100% supported? Even has aim assist on pc, this quick video explains:




              With kind regards,



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                44. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                Yeah, but isn't that with bots only? I don't think there's aim assist in actual multiplayer because so many of these people have been asking for it which I hope doesn't ever happen, and I also use a (PC) controller.

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                  45. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                  It works fully online as well. It's enabled by default and no way to turn it off in the MP portion of the game on PC.

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                    46. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                    Ghosts actually has full controller support including Aim Assist. It's kind of funny. I am able to run noobs over like nothing. I mainly use the controller to give me a disadvantage because i get bored playing. but yeah use the x360 controller, its fully supported. Then through steam big picture up too and ur set.

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                      47. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                      Ive came from console to pc last year,

                      i fought the specs of the new consoles was a joke. so i made my rig instead.

                      i don't like the idea of k/m on cod games, abit to hardcore for me.

                      id raver sit back and use my controller.


                      now my nephew wants do same thing.

                      so yes its a good thing because it will unite us.

                      just shame there isn't other options other than steam

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                        48. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                        when i was on console i always placed in the top 3 in most games, i come to pc with my controller and nothing has changed, im still in top 3. Ive not noticed any difference

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                          49. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                          Game pads put more strain on your hands causing unnatural movements that can quickly lead to arthritis and other injuries.


                          Playing with mouse and keyboard is better for your hands, wrists and fingers in every way but there is a wrong way too which can cause issues although not as serious or prolonged as the game pad.


                          Keeping that in mind I'd rather use mouse/keyboard so I can game for many more years.  All these console FPS games that have aim assist reveals one thing, that they are obviously more difficult to use in such games and less precise as a result. If anything all the consoles should support mouse and keyboard... I'd be inclined to say sales would go up if they did.


                          In the past a friend of mine and I tested this out and he is very good with the game pad as this is all he uses for his xbox and playstation. We played against each other on the PC and he used a game pad with aim assist and the mouse and keyboard performed as a superior controller... granted I use one of these, it is still a keyboard: Cyber Snipa CSGPBK01R JOYSTICK - Newegg.com


                          and my mouse: Cyber Snipa CSLMSL01 Black Mouse - Newegg.com


                          It takes less of and more natural movements for the M&K so your brain can actually relay the information quicker and it is less information instruction-wise.


                          .... and reading what I just wrote, I sound like a damn nerd HAHAHAHA!

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