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    Aim Bots,Modded Lobbies,Lag Switchers,CHEATERS


      Is their any way things could get worse for this game. Seriously if you want to kill an already heavily problematic game this is the way to do it.On day one of the realease I get caught up in matches with people using aim bots and under map cheats in the same lobby. And it is only getting worse. They pop out as soon as the match is over so you can't report them. Is their a way to tell if you are in a modded lobby before you get stuck woundering WTF how did that happen? and is their a way to report them in game? I have tried and cant unless I can catch them in between matches getting gready thinking no one noticed. I thought they stoped most of this with their last update.

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          So what your saying is that you've encountered aim bots, modded lobbies, lag switchers, and cheaters in every game that you've played?


          I Highly doubt you've been in games with all of that going on. And if what you are saying is true then all you have to do is leave the lobby.


          And there's two ways to report people. Just go to the recent players list and report them or you could report them to sony by going onto the ps3 support website.


          IT sounds like you just don't know what your doing and your blaming your bad K /D on everyone else but yourself.


          BUt but since none of those things are happening to you I recommend you don't go around falsely reporting people. This will only get you into trouble.

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            if you on ps3 you can back out the game press triangle the press right on the directional pad till you see recent players and then press X and report them

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              Just a fast question. Why does everyone always cry aim bot when someone manages to get more then one head shot in a given round? I personally aim high and tend to have my gun aimed around chest level anytime I bring the sites up. So CoD hit detection being what it is I tend to get a few head shots in a round. 


              When I watch other people in spectator mode usually ends up being a run n gunner you can see the gun is pointed at around the waist level, so of course the chances of that player getting a head shot become horrible. Just asking is all.

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                  I don't believe anyone is in here "crying" about more than one headshot. Its pretty easy to detect an aimbot when sights come up they DO NOT lock onto a player or their head. You have to physically put them there, however when i see a killcam with unwavering sights it is obvious that an aimbot is employed or i come around a corner and it is instantly aimed at my head that is an aimbot. Before you make snide remaeks you should read the post, because nobody in here has metioned headshots.

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                      unless that person is getting every kill by headshot you have no proof lol.


                      i have yet to see someone go an entire game with getting at least 75% of the kills by a headshot.

                      well disregarding the usuall boosters ofcourse.


                      its pretty easy to spot something is wrong.

                      the kill feed is a dead giveaway.

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                        Or what if that said player is actually a great shot in the game? Ever thought of that?


                        Either your really unlucky and run into this all the time (I have never) or your exaggerating.

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                            Zver funny you have never run into someone with a modded system or your modding yourself....    youtube it... that is all the links I need.. as there are simply millions of videos up


                            Just to name a few....jtag...jasper with burnt disks... able to play games weeks if not days before release...is it modding yes you changed your system and are against TOS and EULA


                            Scuf controllers.... same as above... ok for MLG for now but live play is considered a no no


                            Intensifire...no more detail needed as I'm sure you heard of them


                            On my profile on blackops two I got a nice screen shot of a guy shooti ng at a wall 10 feet away from me yet I die and the round he hits me with with barrel still not pointed at me lands as if he is pointed at me.... pretty cool .. as the aimn ot tries to correct itself seconds later as he puts 10 rounds into my body on the ground

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                                As well as pointed out after me I've been in matches where people start off with miniguns...started one game the time went to ten for start of match and three of my team members took off.. and had kills before timer hit zero.... needless to say we won....


                                Have had numerous people admit to cheating....


                                Numerous people run big scores n leave a lobby before screen shows... most of the time someone who just ran a 33-1 in a match stays around


                                Funny someone else said they never saw any exploitation in ops 2 even though hundreds or more got bans for hardware and software detected.... lol your either in denial yourself or didn't play...there were people caught for having unlimited scorestreaks and using them and so on


                                I know a person who I will never play with or use their items who has two modded controllers.... one that does rapid fire and auto aim


                                The second it comes with a chip and the center light determines if you got unlimited ammunition or what not.... he plays by pushing his char around the map and laughs at people who rage .....  funny how my one year old can do the same and his char will at full sprint turn on someone leaving cover behind them and will kick around seamlessly shhot them and contort body back still full sprint.. but no... nobody cheats haha

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                          I have watched a few YT video where the people seem to spin and snap on really quickly. I've always wondered how they do this so smoothly, and quickly. It could be that they are just that good, but I doubt it. No one can be that perfect every time.

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                            Never played a game in BO2 that i noticed any hacks etc.. But this game is awful. Seriously? I just played a game with a hacker who started of with a mini gun! The same weapon you get with the juggernaut streak. Under the map glitches has happend to me to. You also meet a lot of people that can spot you through walls.

                            Worst of all was when me and my clan played a game in clan vs clan, they had aim bots and all kinds of cheats. And in the final kill cam a guy slided and killed my teammate using hip fire, sound normal, but this happend when the guy in my team were a long way from the cheater who killed him. I really hope this will go away when the PS4 comes out in EU.


                            Sorry for my bad English...


                            // a angry swede

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                                so you ar ereally gonna support this developer after they have tricked us into buying a half finished beta for $60 and in some cases $120.



                                come on dude. i dont know about yall but this is the last game im buying from infinity ward or even activision all together.

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                                  I've ran into some cheating etc...


                                  But I've yet to see PROOF of an actual aimbot on the PS3 console for any COD title.  I've heard people ***** - that's normal, I'm sure I've done it - but it's not some simple add on.  If it was you'd see it on Youtube already.


                                  Lag switches?  Yup , they are out there - you can even buy them now for your wireless setup.  They take some skill to actually make work though - timing has to be good.  If not you time out.  Seems weird to work that hard to cheat, seems harder than just playing the game.


                                  Mini guns on the start of match?  Have you checked the LMG loadouts yet? You can purchase and use a chain gun for your guy.  Go for it.


                                  Oracle - sees through walls paints targets for a second, then sweeps again.

                                  Read up on the perks - there are perks that can detect people hiding. 


                                  Just saying.

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                                      Let me help you out ctan...just googled it myself and watched several videos of aimbot on Ps 3.  Either your ignorance has gotten the better of you or you simply habent looked it up


                                      Is it more difficult. ..yes you got to jailbreak ur system and have it modded to apply these updates to your software.... read up please sir before making assumptions that simply are untrue... can you auto aim on PS3 yes... does it happen yes...

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                                    Hey everyone,


                                    Thanks for posting your concerns here. I understand how discouraging it may be to play online with/against cheaters. You can report players by either using the "Recent Players" list or by this way. We then take the reported player cases, investigate them and then take the appropriate actions based on evidence that is found.



                                    ATVI Support