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    Operations Frustration - Is there anything i can do?



      I have suffered problems with operations since launch, I'm sure I'm not alone with this. However, I have a BIG frustration with my problems!


      Firstly, some background - the original operations contained the free-for-all victor (step 1), which i completed to unlock the bronze clown patch.

      Since then, I have played and won over 100 free-for-all games, but the step 2 and step 3 challenges have remained locked, but seemed to be active (they show my progress as 10/15 for example, which is odd as the step 1 only required 5) but these do not progress.


      As an attempt to kick my operations into life, i used the option to 'unlock new operations' - This has now resulted in the free-for-all step 2 and 3 challenges being listed as 'inactive', rather than showing my progress towards them.


      To repeat myself again , this is really frustrating, as I have technically completed the challenges, but I now seem to have stopped myself from being able to achieve these at all.



      Now the actual question(s): is there anything I can do to improve things in my situation? Will I be able to eventually unlock these 'inactive' operations?


      Is it just me, or is the new operations system far inferior to previous iterations of the challenge system? Blops 2 had many flaws, but challenges were ok, and MW3 was ideal.