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    What is the difference between the various soldiers?

      Why do some cost 3 tokens and some cost 300? Are the more costly soldiers better skilled or able to equip more perks or something like that? Or is that just the price of "doin' time" to get the ultimate prestige level? <confused>

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          Been wondering myself. How could appearance be the only dif when its an extra 197 tokens?

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            I'm not 100% certain! But a friend told me they have a higher level of perks available from scratch.

            One thing I would like to know is if they begin at zero prestige or do they continue your current level?

            And does anyone know how many tokens it takes to open your soldier back up after you have prestiged?

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              I think it's an incentive to extend your play time.  Something that can be achieved faster by completing challenges.   I like how a lot of things are unlocked by completing challenges instead of earning so many points.  Well, I like it and I don't.  There are certain challenges that I care nothing about and would require me to play in a way that I normally wouldn't.  On the other hand,  it gets me to try something new and it could be fun learning a new way to play.  But challenges can also be frustrating and feel like a grind.  I don't like mindlessly doing the same thing over and over again just to earn something.  Like calling in Riley 50 times.  That's just a grind.  Knifing someone in the back 50 times (IDK if that's an actual challenge) is something that requires getting good at playing a certain way.  Calling in Riley 50 times requires nothing more than keeping that killstreak active until you achieve it.  That's just boring in my opinion.

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                  Agreed. This game is quite a departure from BO2 and it's predecessors. Some things I'm not that fond of, many things I think are an improvement. I like the way I'm able to gain access to any weapon, attachment or perk at any time. I just have to dole over the coin to get it. Want the Off The Grid perk? You don't have to get to level 55 like in BO2, you just need to grind out a couple games and earn the coin to buy it. Want a suppressor or rapid fire for that M27? Just buy 'em. Unlike attachments in BO2, I can choose what I want and add them in the order I want to use them, not have to suffer through attachments I don't want or perks I don't care to use, just so I can gain the ones I DO want.


                  If I wanted the grind I'd be playing Super Mario Brothers.


                  I also am adjusting to the large maps quite well. With familiarity, they aren't seeming as big as they did the first few days. By this time next year I imagine I'll be begging for larger maps. LOL!

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                  not gonna lie, i never thought about it i just thought they cost more because they are soldiers 6-10 and by the time you need to buy them you should hav hundreds of points to spend. i havent seen anyone say that here was anything special about the expensive soldiers. im gonna go try to look it up

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                    They obviously shifted the biggest part of the total amount you have to spend on your soldiers towards the last ones just to allow you to be ready for the whole squad mode experience as fast as possible. For this you will need 5-6 soldiers.