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    Need a team


      I'm looking for some awesome guys.

      I'm want a team that listen to me.

      i'm looking for only 5 players maybe we can start a clan

      Want to play with me?

      add me on psn LarSSon__21

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          Re: Need a team

          Hi. How good are u talking about? because i may be interested.

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            Re: Need a team

            1. What game modes do you play?

            2. You want a team that listens to you? Or a team that communicates with you?


            I am good enough to get an Orbital, but I don't run high scorestreaks.  I run all low-streaks because they're much easier to cycle through. I've always believed a team running scorestreaks of UAV/Hellstorm Missile/Lightning Strike poses more of a threat for the enemy than a team running higher scorestreaks. I could explain my theory if you want.


            I'm a very objective-based player. I wont always be the guy who always gets the best KD in the end, but theres a good chance I'll be the guy on top with most points/most caps/most defends.  I'm also the guy who shoots stuff down constantly. Basically, I'm an objective/support type of player.


            If you accept me to play with you, don't pay attention to my stats.  They're just numbers and not a reflection at all on how I play, when I'm playing my best.  I've done a lot of things while working my way to PM that has brought my KD so low because I do like to have fun and challenge myself when I play.

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