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    I am looking for a clan to join (PS3)

      I am looking for a mature clan to join that are going to be doing clan wars or clan vs clan

      my username is xX-_RtG_-Xx

      Send me a invite on psn by adding me

      or post ur on this post that you are recruiting

      KD is 1.08

      I am active


      I player nerly all day

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          Re: I am looking for a clan to join (PS3)

          (4PCP) we are going to do clan wars. the leader is Matt5589. I will send you a invite

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            Re: I am looking for a clan to join (PS3)

            Hey xX-_RtG_-Xx

            Why don't you check out Veritas Gaming? We recruit players of all skill levels, so you should have no problem feeling at home. From competitive to casual, we have it all. We all play on a daily basis and play many game modes! Hope to see you in the forum and in game soon!

            Message us for more details!


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              Re: I am looking for a clan to join (PS3)

              We're looking for new recruits for our clan since the clan wars is right around the corner. Our clan is for mature and casual gamers and we value objective teamwork. We have no restrictions other a mic is preferred - (it makes communicating in-game easier).


              Interested? Then send a message to either of the clan leaders SUSHI_girl and S4MUR41_sushi or find us on the COD Ghosts app under the name WereGonnaLose (case sensitive).

              You can find us on facebook.


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                Re: I am looking for a clan to join (PS3)
                RISE 2 KILL
                We are looking for people who are active & friendly and are willing to work with the clan as a team. The clan is made up of people who are just like you, we share the same goal and we will not judge you on your playing ability. If you're new or just looking to be part of a team, please join ours!

                We often party up with any clan member who are online and play various game modes to help each other level up while also leveling up our clan. On occasions where there is a party of exactly 4, we suggest playing in the Clan Vs. Clan playlist.




                -Must be friendly and helpful to other clan members

                -Must contribute to clan wars.

                -Must wear our clan tag at ALL times.

                -Must add clan leaders.


                -NO Judgement on others K/D


                -Join our CLAN FORUM! To discuss and share your thoughts to the clan. (xr2k.webs.com)

                -Add other clan members as friends (highly suggested, so you would have others to play with at any time of day).

                -Invite others to the clan.

                -Start party OR join party

                -Mic is optional and not required.

                -Play extinction as a clan.

                -If you are invited to a party, it's OKAY to say no. You are not required to always play with the clan.




                Location: U.S Based.

                Console: PS3

                Clan name: xR2K

                Clan Leaders: xnancyvo & XxQuietGuyxX (feel free to add & message for information or questions)

                Overall Clan K/D: 1.10

                Current Clan Members: 17 (adding new members daily)



                TO APPLY:

                -Find & Apply to xR2K on the official Call Of Duty App.


                -Add one of the clan leaders & message them that you would like to join the clan.

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