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    Fun Clan on Xbox for Ghost and other COD's. Ranked #1 In Our Clan War Division

      My name is Brandi and I am a Marine Corps Veteran and a Lt. Commander in a clan that is geared towards having fun, joking around, and dominating the leaderboards. Our clan is also a family, in the sense that we treat other with respect and will always help each other out. Many of the members have been playing with each other in the clan for 5 or more years.  Who doesn't love to win??? Our motto is: "You pay to play" Meaning that everyone purchased these games so you are able to rage, dashboard, whatever because everyone spent money to get these games so why can't you play how you want? We are an organized clan with rank structures and leadership positions alike, however, the strictness is not apparent as other clans because we don't want our members to feel trapped and contained. We do ask for a mature players, our youngest member is 12 but he is the only one. This is because our sense of humor and joking styles vary so much since we are a world-wide clan, that we don't want younger kids to get offended. The only thing asked is that you don't leave a clan member behind. So if you plan on "Dashboarding" but you are playing with one other clan member but he/she wants to stay, that maybe try staying with them so you don't leave him/her hanging. We are big on teamwork and we work well when everyone communicates and participates. We are a very active clan, if we weren't, we would of never obtained first place in our division with 6 nodes held. We camp and rush, depending on who you are playing with. We adjust to everyone's play style because we work as a team and not individuals. Some of our members are objective game mode maniacs while others are strictly core TDM or hardcore KC. We play everything, basically. Use whatever suits your playing style. Don't worry about your KD, whether it is negative or positive, we will help you get your KD higher. We are, by far, not a sniping or machine gun clan, we are everything and very well-rounded because of that. If you are interested or would like to know more, contact myself on Xbox Live: DevilVET87