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    So, who's making the move tonight?

      I am less than 12 hours away from placing my hands on Xbox One, as I'm sure many others here are, too.  I have a hurdle to overcome, but I'm sure it will be rectified by midnight (I didn't receive my coupon from Gamestop to upgrade for $10 and am basically fighting with PowerUpRewards to get it fixed.  If not, the store said they would take care of me, so at least there's that.)


      Anyway, who's making the switch tonight?  I'm excited/curious to see if it plays better/different on the One than it does on the 360.  I know the graphics look better and it appears it will be easier to find people camping in dark corners. 


      Finally, are you going to move over to the One board when you make the move, stay here, or both?  I've posted a few times over there, but it's basically crickets at this point.  I'm hoping that in the next few days several of us will start posting over there more regularly and it will become a thriving community as well.


      (I know this is a bit 'off topic' Foxhound, but it's not completely off topic.  So hopefully you won't move it.  Just excited about getting my One tonight and curious about others thoughts and feelings on the matter. )

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          1. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

          With all the issues both new consoles have I plan on waiting until they get the bugs out.


          Xbox 1 has a issue with headsets as there is currently no surround sound so your expensive headset is worthless on the new systems. I want to say ps4 same deal.


          There are no dedicated servers at this present time for any gaming platform.


          There is a long list but I brought up what is most important to me


          I honestly feel both new consoles were rushed and that means I wont be rushing to grab one especially considering how slow they are to fix things.

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            2. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

            Interesting. My headset works fine.

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              3. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

              I have an expensive gaming headset (actually two, one for the wife, haha) and I think I've figured out a work around.  I ordered a digital optical to rca converter today for $13.99.  Then I can use the Toslink to get at least the game sounds from my headset.


              Granted, I still won't be able to chat because of the proprietary plug, but if I don't want to use Kinect for that I can figure out a way to get the wired mono headset to work with my Turtle Beaches.


              Having said all of this I understand waiting.  I'm sure that in a few months a lot of bugs will be worked out, but considering I volunteered for the last few dashboard betas helping them discover and fix issues isn't a huge deal for me.  I feel like I'm contributing in a small way, haha.

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                4. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                The dedicated servers for the hybrid system are going live tomorrow. Practically everyone already knows this because people have been whining about how IW lied to the playerbase ever since Ghost launched.


                As for the subject at large, no, I won't be switching. None of the games on the next gen are worth investing in until at least next year.

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                  5. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                  I made the move to PS4 actually. Was hoping (though wasn't expecting) that connections would be better on next-gen. Sadly, as I expected, this was not the case. I doubt dedicated servers will go live when Xbox One released, but again, I can hope.

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                    6. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                    That's fair.  We honestly thought about waiting for a while, but circumstances (and also not worrying so much about being a test subject, haha) kind of pushed us to pre-ordering one.  We'll be moving to Germany for a year on January 9th and I was worried about being able to get one while there.  And while I figured I would eventually be able to land one there, I didn't want to miss the Titanfall release (at the time of my pre-order of the One we didn't have a release date yet.)

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                      7. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                      I have my fingers very much crossed for better connections overall with the dedicated servers.  If not, well, at least I am moving to Germany in January so that might possibly make things better (or worse, haha) and there's always Titanfall next March, right?  EDIT:  At least I will have Titanfall (sorry, didn't think about it being exclusive when I typed my response, not trying to rub it in. )

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                        8. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                        I'm not moving. Staying with 360 until the next release of COD or until my 360 dies. If this thread were an indicator so far, you might have problems finding many full lobbys. 9v9 isn't relevant when there aren't many players in the first place.

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                          9. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                          Have fun with it! A few other people I know that are waiting call early adopters the new QA staff as a joke


                          I might have picked up one of the systems had Watch Dogs not been pushed back since it was the only earlier title I was interested in.

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