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        30. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

        I will be making the switch tomorrow. As soon as amazon gets the new console to my house. I got Ghost's, Battlefield 4 and Forza 5 all lined up and ready to go. I have a feeling that i will be making a switch to BF4 totally over ghost's as well. If ghost's continue to perform the same as it has for the 360 then i will be trading it in real soon.

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          31. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

          myevo8you wrote:


          There are ZERO headsets like the Turtle Beaches or Astro's that are compatible with the XBOX One. The Turtle Beach XO4 and XO7 were supposed to be released with the console on the 22nd but issues arose and now they are saying January possibly February.


          What I am doing is using my X31's since they are plugged into my Audio Out on my tv for surround sound, and then placing the included headset on the outside of my neck with the mic over my ear for chat. Kind of cumbersome, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

          I'm doing exactly this. Headset pumping voice through speakers and XO Chat set around the neck for regular chatting.


          Astro put out this statement on Facebook. I'm a total Facebook n00b btw. I don't know how to link to the specific post for sourcing.


          Astro Gaming

          Like This Page · 19 hours ago


          ASTRO Gaming still provides a Dolby® Headphone 7.1 experience on the Xbox One – even from a stereo input.


          Microsoft’s decision to drop Dolby® encoding on their SPDIF output at launch does have ramifications for ASTRO’s products. While our products do not process DTS signals, we do have on-board Dolby® encoding in both our A50 Wireless Transmitter as well as our Wired MixAmp™ Pro. An Xbox One gamer will need to select Stereo output for game audio, but our MixAmps will process that stereo signal with Dolby ProLogic II and encode it with Dolby® Headphone – *the* gold standard for simulated 7.1 Surround Sound for gaming headphones.


          So have no fear gamers, your ASTRO’s will still provide a Dolby® Digital Surround experience no matter what your console choice.


          You can read more about Dolby Laboratories Headphone here (http://www.dolby.com/us/en/consumer/technology/home-theater/dolby-headphone.html).


          If you have an older Mixamp, not a 2013/2012 PRO, then Astro states in the comments that it is supported.

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            32. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

            codchamp, what do you mean as regards to the performance of ghosts on the 360. Disregarding spawns, do you feel the unfair gunfight thing?, or is that just me?.

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              33. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

              If you log into your power up rewards account there's a coupon in there. I already printed mine and then got an email yesterday. It's   in active offers.

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                34. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                Thanks for the info, looks good.

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                  35. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                  Not in the budget right now, and I don't get to play often enough to really warrant getting one at this time.


                  I know I'd appreciate it if you came back onto this board as someone who has played both and give us your impressions. I, for one, would like to know if the change is truly worthwhile.



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                    36. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                    Unfortunately mine never processed.  I was told by the guys at the local Gamestop that if I didn't have the coupon by last Wednesday to call the 1-800 on the back of the card.  So I've called....three times.   The last call was on Tuesday and I was told it will be '3-5 business days' before they can process it now.  :/

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                      37. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                      That sucks. I wonder if you can buy one, get the coupon later and do the trade and get a full refund for unopened version later?

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                        38. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                        Actually after playing on the 360 I have decided not to get the game for XBO.  You cant polish a turd. Well unless you are a mythbuster.

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                          39. Re: So, who's making the move tonight?

                          The lag is a major part of it. Very choppy game play on a constant basis. lack of game modes is another issue and lastly there are still major balancing issues that Activision does not care about fixing these last few years.


                          I am not promoting BF4 in here and honestly it does not have the hi replay value that COD has with lack of Killstreaks and things that make COD fun. But BF4 now plays the way the older COD titles did. The TTK is right, the weapons balance is right and the overall feel is fresh. I know you have vehicles in the game to compensate for lack of killstreaks. But lets face it, COD is the series when you get 12 kills and can go ham with a chopper gunner or a ac-130. That is really the only thing i a, going to miss from this franchise.

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