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    4 player Nacht


      Looking for 3 people to do a 4 player game on Nacht BO1, XBOX. Would like to hit 30 but my target at the moment is to at least hit 25. No training. May take a few attempts as success is dependent upon weaponry. One night this week or whenever 3 people respond.


      GT: DaveLo07

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          GT is Megadog14.

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            Hey I'll do it with you guys.

            GT: gamemonster7

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                Ok, i'll add you. If no one else responds I might be able to find a 4th.


                If anyone has a better strategy or any different ideas then feel fee to add, I'm not saying we have to do it this way, but it's the only successful 4 player strategy I've managed to use on this map.



                My plan is to hold down the room with the potato mashers. If you don't open the stairs (the ones in the spawn room) then there is only one window and one door for the zombies to come through.


                You want to be in a narrow diamond formation facing the door. Whoever doesn't have a wonder weapon needs decent automatic weapons (commando, galil, hk21, rpk) and you want to position the players in the diamond depending on weapon. The player on the right of the formation wants to cover the window with a little help from the player at the back. The player at the front and on the left want to cover the door (although the other 2 will help when nothing is at the window) and interchange positions to reload and cover each other.


                Whoever has the thundergun wants to be at the back of the formation. Every so often the other 3 players want to stop killing zombies. The player at the back of the formation wants to back up into the corner where the potato mashers are and the other 3 players want to slowly make their way back. As soon as the room is full of zombies, player 4 shoots the thundergun clearing the room, and everyone pushes out to their original positions. Obviously monkeys are a big help and if you run out of ammo, there is unlimited potato mashers on the wall. Gonna need to hump the box between rounds though as ammo becomes an issue.

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                You can add me. GT same as my forum username.

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                  I can play but I'm kinda busy with other related things (Castle Crashers walk though on Friday and doing the BO1 Easter Eggs on Saturday). Incase things change here's my GT:JUGG3RNAUT510

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                    Im pretty sure I understand your strat. You mean hold up in the upstairs room where the nades are and keep the door that leads down stairs closed? If so you that is possibly the best strategy.


                    Two people taking the door need Rayguns. Person who takes the window needs an RPK and HK. The dude in back needs the Thundergun and uses it as needed when the two front dudes get overrun.


                    One of the trickiest parts is saving a crawler to hit the box in between rounds. This is one map where you will need to hit the box after every round once you hit 18-19.


                    Stacking points is pivitol and I cant stress this enough. You will need enough points to where everyone can spam the box for the need weaponry in later rounds. If your low on Thundergun ammo you gotta put it back in the box so someone can get a fresh one. You do need some luck from the box.


                    Ive been to lower 20's on Nacht the few times Ive had enough team cooperation to do this strategy and everytime what did us in was accidentally not saving a crawler. I would imagine you could push 24-25.


                    When I see round highs over 25 on Nacht I think its fishy as in they glitched to get there. When I see those high rounds I always ask what strategy they use and they can NEVER answer which to me means the dont know wtf they are even doing because they cant even BS an answer. 90% of the time these players lose the game for us. As much as it pisses me off I always have to lmao when I ask them how they got to round 26 or 27 playing like that.


                    There is a couple of other places I think would be good to post up, if you want to discuss let me know.


                    Plaining on renewing my XBOX live soon but on PS3 for now. Would love to play with you when I renew my membership.

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                        Yep, bang on. I've only ever tried it in public lobbies with no communication and managed to get to 21 the other night. Feels like with a co-ordinated team you could push it a bit further. And ditto about the rounds. Anyone I've played with who has a round over 20 on Nacht jumps straight into a glitch. If someone has over 20 when I look at the lobby leaderboard then I message them saying please play legit and if it's over 30 then there is no point playing with them! Kills are a big give way as well.


                        The only other strategy I thought about was holding the whole of the upstairs as there are only 4 windows but the person on the stairs is gonna have a hard time.


                        I'd be good for a game when you're back on xbox.

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                            I am down for a run at this tonight if you want man? I think your strat is the best one tbh. It is the same strat we used on the WaW version. Never really got into the BO1 version of Nacht so wouldn't mind recording something decent.

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                              That is actually similar to the other strategy I was thinking of. Open the door to the box and stay in that room, one on each window and one has the door. Like you said, the person taking the door may have a hard time. He will likey have to have a little help from anyone who can get a chance which could lead to trouble.


                              Another idea I had was camp by Mule Kick. One person on each of the two windows and two people take the front. It seems like that front may be hard to take because you will have zombies coming from both side windows, the far window and from the room where the box is (4 lines of zombies). I dont think it would be that bad with Rayguns but it may be tough with LMG's.


                              Your hold down the whole upstairs strategy (which I like by the way lol) and my other two strategies I think we be good because they would spread the zombies out more between the 4 players. A huge downside tho is you wont have the person with the Thundergun right there ready to pull the trigger. I guess we just have to try these things out lol.

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                                  Yeah, they're all good ideas. Like you say, we won't find the fail points until we try some of them out!


                                  My idea for upstairs was to try and think of a strategy where holding down that one room could be plan B. Upstairs, the window in the room where you hold out has a set of stairs outside. All the zombies for this window and one in the next room come up those stairs. If you put someone with the ray gun on that window, they can cover most of the spawns for 2 windows. Then put one guy on each of the other 2 windows in the next room and one on the stairs (with cover from the closest 2 players). Then the plan is if anyone gets over run to fall back and revert to holding down that one room again so it kind of leaves you with a back up plan. i think in practise though, it's gonna be too hectic.

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                                    nacht tonight, 4:00 central time?