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    DLC lobbys

      So ive always had problems connecting to lobbys now that i moved to northern saskatchewan. I like playing ground war and at certain times of the day there are only a select few available. So i decided to pay 14.99 for some DLC package. Now i cant find any grown war lobbys at all. I have become very pissed off by the fact that I purchased more maps but Now i find less lobbys.

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          Also, why does my sound stop working when i play cod, i can hear people takking fine. but the sounds gets completely ****** up. now that i think of it... this game really does suck lol. to bad its so addictive.

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            If you only buy certain map packs this will always happen no matter where you live. Your best bet is to either buy all the dlc or none since the pool of players gets smaller and smaller for skipping dlcs. The game matches you with only players that have the same map packs and if you only have 1 or 2 dlc its gonna be rough especially since ghost is out now too and the player pool got even smaller. This happens with any cod you buy your best bet is all or nothing with dlc.

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                wow... thats a some sort of ****** up sales gimmick, so how do i go about deleting my purchased dlc map pack. i refuse to shell out tones of cash when this game is so faulty. sound doesnt work, games freezes during kill cams, and now my lobby finding is pathetic.

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                I can now join DLC lobbies with maps that I haven't bought, the first time it happened, I thought I'd been given a freebie but when the game starts I get told to to the store and purchase that map! Now that is what call a cynical sales ploy!

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                  The above is correct when it comes to DLC its best to buy all of it - or buy none.


                  Thats why having the option to disable the new maps in MW3 was great.  You didn't have to delete your DLC - and you could try again later with it.