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    Ghosts PS4 digital download: Constantly getting Disc Read Error at the beginning of the campaign and randomly during multiplayer.  Please help!

      I originally bought COD: Ghosts for the PS3.  I just got a PS4 and paid the $10 to upgrade to the digital version of Ghosts for the PS4.


      I installed the game, tried to play the campaign, and received the error "Disc Read Error 'prologue'" about 20 seconds into the intro movie.


      I uninstalled the game, reformatted my PS4, and reinstalled the game.  I got a little further into the campaign, about 10 minutes, and received error "Disc Read Error 'imagefile7'"


      I have 4 other PS4 games and don't have this problem, so there is obviously something wrong with the COD Ghosts digital version on the PS4.  My friends that have a physical disc copy don't have this problem.

      Please help.  I've contacted Sony and they've tried everything and directed me to Activision.  Please make this right.  I'm not the only one experiencing this.