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    Ghosts Q & A

      Hey all -


      We know you have questions about certain aspects of the game, and we understand some are recurring between players. That said, we'd like to start have a weekly/biweekly Q & A session where we gather your questions.


      Whether you have questions about killstreaks, perks, create a class, squads, etc. please leave them in this post and we'll gather them together to provide you answers.


      Thanks everyone!



      December 10th update:


      Hey everyone - appreciate all the questions so far. We'll be answering some of your questions in the Ghosts Training videos we've started doing on our YouTube /InfinityWard. We're also working to find a second format, whatever it ends up being I'm sure you'll see it posted from our social channels: FB /InfinityWardStudio or Twitter @InfinityWard =)


      Thanks again!

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