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        10. Re: Ghosts Q & A

        Hello,I'm wondering when the 1st DLC will come out on CoD Ghosts and i was hoping if you could give me a exact date

        and will there be also a new DLc weapon like on the previously CoD

        Thanks For Your Time.


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          11. Re: Ghosts Q & A

          Nerf IED?

          Ground war for ps3 and xbox? (because of the large maps)

          Free map pack with smaller maps?

          More classes on infected?

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            12. Re: Ghosts Q & A

            Hi Candice, I appreciate the time you've given to answer some questions.


            My question is regarding the objective system for pointstreaks.


            I can understand why the team decided to reduce killstreak spam however the current system doesn't benefit the objective players and gives more preference to those who aren't playing the objective because they reap the rewards as kills are apparently more important than capping a flag in Domination or collecting dog tags in Kill Confirmed.


            i.e In a match of Domination


            Player A: Risks a life to cap flags but since the player isn't the first one to cap the flag, he/she gets barely anything for it.


            Player B: Sits at the back of the map. Not attempting to cap flags but their kills all count towards the player's pointstreak.


            i.e In a match of Kill Confirmed


            Player A: Collects the dog tags but barely gets anything for playing the objective. They are at more prone for dying as collecting tags is risky


            Player B: Sits at the back of the map not trying to collect the dog tags but still gets pointstreak for not collecting the dog tags


            I feel the pointstreak system has taken a step back from BO2 & MW3. I just don't think it's logical for someone who is risking a life to cap a flag or collect a dog tag (i.e. playing the objective) to get no pointstreaks vs. someone who isn't making the attempt to "PTFO."


            It has substantially slowed down the game and players are more focused on killing than playing the objective.


            Also if reduced killstreak spam & more "gun on gun" was the goal for Ghosts, why do assault pointstreaks stack towards the next pointstreak?


            All I ask is that playing the objective means something rather than catering to those who are not playing the gametype for their K/D. It may even increase the pace of the game as players would be motivated to play the objective.


            Thanks for reading

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              13. Re: Ghosts Q & A

              I can understand why you took out CTF from Public Playlist but why not include it in Competitive? Is it because you don't have enough space or another reason?

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                14. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                Are there any plans to add Hardpoint and CTF to Ghosts?

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                  15. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                  why do you use the same engine and when will you make the game look nice? Don't get me wrong I love the game just not the graphics

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                    16. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                    Will you introduce a competitive playlist similar to league play?

                    Will you add any good gamemodes such as CTF, Headquarters, Demolition, or Dropzone(Hardpoint)?

                    How long did you actually spend developing this game?

                    Why weren't most of the issues at launch tested and solved before launch?

                    Why are in-game muting and connection strength bars absent?

                    How does it feel to produce the biggest letdown of the franchise?

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                      17. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                      Why is ricochet on when the same broken features from mw3 are still present?

                      Why is there no new game modes in hardcore?

                      Where are the dinosaurs?  <-- mostly this one


                      thank you for doing this q&a (cming done right)

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                        18. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                        are u guys adding a ping indicator?

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                          19. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                          A couple things here:


                          Currently the CoD Ghosts App doesn't work for a large pool of players, myself included (Galaxy S3). Are there any plans to add a website where we can track our clan stats, updates, etc (everything else in the App)? It would be nice for anyone who doesn't have a smartphone or tablet (or when the App fails).


                          Amplify feels a bit too strong right now, especially when using Dead Silent. Anyone with a decent headset has a huge advantage when using Amplify, making it crucial to have a headset when playing somewhat-seriously. Any plans to alter either Amplify or Dead Silent?


                          The Spawn Logic is still off, even after the hotfix. All too often I get killed, spawn, start to move, and there's an enemy waiting around the corner or someone who was running right behind my spawn point that turns and kills me. Anymore planned changes to the Spawn Logic?


                          When can we expect to see the first DLC? Any hints as to the new weapon / maps? A Shotgun worth using perhaps?


                          Realistically, you can kill a dog in one shot. Probably in less the time it would take to kill a human. Why shuold I have to shoot a dog 3 times with my L115 when it only takes one shot to kill the player? Any planned changes for the Dog killstreak? They feel a bit OP right now. On that note, any planned changes to the Dog such as being able to command it? Would be cool to make it stay.


                          Any plans to add Ground War? I can't imagine it's that hard on current gen consoles! I know a lot of the players would love this, considering map size.


                          Finally, as said above already, why not allow Killstreaks to be earned via base capping in games like Domination? You should be rewarded for risking your life to cap a base for your team.


                          All that said, great game! Really loving the maps and new mods (Blitz is too much fun!) Keep it up Infinity Ward!

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