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        50. Re: Ghosts Q & A

        gotsomestars wrote:


        Just thought I'd throw it out there that they haven't answered a single question.


        Anyway here's mine. Being the "community manager" , now that the game is released, what exactly do you get paid for? I'd assume that you would get paid to interact with the community. So, between here and Twitter, why is everything silent? If it was my job title, and I was getting paid for it, I'd be ashamed of the job being done so far.

        inb4 ironic

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          51. Re: Ghosts Q & A

          When are you going to fix this game for PC?

          When are you going to do anything about all the cheaters?

          When are you going to stop completely ignoring the issues that PC players bring up?

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            52. Re: Ghosts Q & A

            Why there's no textures install option for PS3?

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              53. Re: Ghosts Q & A

              Fix the stuttering issue on pc PLEASE!!!!!, the game on my rig is unplayable.


              i5 4670

              GTX 680 driver 331.82


              INFINITY WARD, please, make THIS GAME PLAYABLE!!!!!!!

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                54. Re: Ghosts Q & A



                1) Are you ever going to add in new game types?

                2) Are you going to have a broadcast mode like Bo2 did?

                3) Are you ever going to fix health/guns better

                4) Are you going to add smaller maps for xbox 360 or just bigger maps for 9v9s on xbox 1


                Thanks - Lazlo

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                  55. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                  how come the stats from the ps3 leaderboard doesn't show up on the ps4 leaderboard (tdm,dom,etc)?  Only shows wins and total kills.  Are you guys going to fix this?

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                    56. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                    Will you add cranked as a private match option?  Cranked domination or cranked blitz would be so much better to watch.

                    Will you add a 3p option for private match?

                    Will you add a 150% health option?

                    Will you increase nade damage?

                    Will you nerf or buff any weapons?

                    Will you fix dead silence and make it silent?

                    Will you add a cap time to blitz?

                    Will you add a changing teams option to domination so you don't have to restart the map?

                    Will you add any maps from older games?

                    Will you add ctf or hardpoint?

                    will you add an extra perk point for no attachment on your weapon?

                    Will you make the kill feed easier to read?

                    Will you make the skull of a teammate dead easier to see?

                    Will you make ready up aim in faster?

                    Will you make battle chatter an option? This is when a character calls out an enemy location

                    Will you make an option to turn game music off?

                    will you make an option to disable join in session in game lobby if you're not appearing offline?

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                      57. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                      When are you fixing the spawn points? They're the worst since Black Ops 1 (you must know this), I constantly spawn 5ft from enemies, usually in front of them so I instantly die. The spawns are killing my enjoyment of the game.

                      Are dedicated servers always used when playing from a major country (UK, US etc)? I'm from the UK and it doesn't feel like it.


                      When will the first ban hammer be dropped on PC? All perks + wallhack are quite common now. Your software needs updating as well, there's so many hacks available that you don't detect.


                      Are you going to fix the extreme lag caused by thermal and other double render scopes? I'm using a GTX 680, scoping shouldn't be laggy.


                      When will you fix clan tags on PC, they don't work at all, even when setup via the app. No one on PC has a working clan tag.


                      Will you be nerfing the I.E.D? It's the strongest lethal ever, you shouldn't need to spend up to 4 perk slots to counter one lethal, it's extremely OP right now. I thought you were removing all the "cheap" and "skilless" things from the game? (Martydom etc).

                      Will you be adding an FOV slider? I use the Agent Rev fix, but a built in solution would obviously be preferable, Black Ops has this, why can't you implement it into Ghosts?


                      Will you be adding audio options? I laughed when I went into the current options and the only slider available was "volume", put some effort in please. Being able to disable the music would be nice.


                      Any chance you could add a command to show frame rate? The game doesn't like overlays like Fraps.


                      When will you fix the exploit that allows people to go under the floor in Freight?


                      Why did you implement the 6GB gate in the beginning? It really hurt the PC community, and it's a big reason why so few people are playing now. I personally had 8GB, but that's not the point, it prevented friends from playing and ruined the launch for me.


                      Any double XP events planned? We could really use a boost to the people playing on PC.


                      Important questions are bold.

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                        58. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                        I have one question when will you be answering the questions?

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                          59. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                          This is for Ghosts on PC.


                          1: When is the beta testing over and when can we expect a finished product that runs smooth on mid to high-end PC's? (including an ingame FOV slider, fps capped at 120 and unlimited fps, audio options for effects, voices and music and ping numbers)

                          2: When will rentable servers+server browser be added? Many people have said this many times before and I will say it again. Matchmaking doesn't work well on the PC because of the smaller playerbase. You'd think a group of people smart enough to develope a video game would have realised this by now.

                          3: Will the messed up spawn system be fixed any time soon?

                          4: When are you going to do something about the out of control cheating?

                          5: Why do you completely ignore PC gamers?

                          6: why do you even continue to develope for PC since it's glaringly obvious IW doesn't care about the PC as a gaming platform?

                          7: If IW isn't going to finish the PC version what will the procedure be for getting a full refund?

                          8: Why does IW have two community managers who never come on the forum to talk to people?

                          9: When can the PC community expect a formal apology from IW for releasing a truly abysmal turd of a PC game?

                          10: When can the PC community expect a formal apology for the false advertising IW (and Mark Rubin in particular) has done?

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