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    Xbox 360 Controlled that Prevents Callous Formation, etc.

      I am an ex-soldier currently sort of limited in my life activity for an indefinite period of time owing to a traumatic combat injury I would rather not trumpet about, only the doctors really know the extent of my impairment


      Anyway, I am an intense person. When I am not in a silly, impish mood, I play COD: BO2 seriously and intensely. Using the regular controller honestly generates callouses on my hands and also messes up the blood flow a little -- I do not mean Carpal Tunnel syndrome, BTW. Not at all. Just human wear and tear.


      So I purchased "Squid Grips"... As long as they lasted, the callous issue and pain was relieved somewhat -- yet recently the material simply disintegrated into nothing.


      Does anybody here have any advice for me in relation to a "sensitive" type of controller, or X-box controller accessory, a person can use, or relate to my own experience?


      Thank you.

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