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    TR4U Clan Recruiting| Clan Tryouts | .1k |

      My sniping clan called TR4U is hosting clan tryouts. We are a sniping clan and we are looking for some good quickscopers. We are also looking for some recorders and editors.

      Message me for more info.

      Gt:TR4U V TRiiPPY

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          Re: TR4U Clan Recruiting| Clan Tryouts | .1k |

          Hey. My username is Y0UNGXMAN      (the O is a zero btw) my k/d is .52 but thats cuz I played infected until i got to level 80. I'm first prestige level 70. I unlocked the msr class for later prestiges. I am o.k. at sniping... but with some tips i could become really good. I avg. about 12 kills per game (sniping) and about 16 deaths. I hope that you will consider accepting me.

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