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    Looking for Decent Clan [PS3/PS4]

      Just as the title says-  I am looking for a competitive clan to play with for the upcoming Clan Wars.  I have a solid group of friends that I have played with throughout the years, but none of them want to continue to push to compete and get better.  I am looking for a clan that is at least imposing a half decent K/D ratio, otherwise I might as well stay with my current friends.  I will be moving to the PS4 once I can find one.  Stats are important and they are as follows.


      Prestige 1, Rank 19 (Tygrastic)

      1.81 K/D ratio with just over 4300 kills (was 1.9 but I have been doing the cranked operation with the stupid tracker attachment that I can't stand)

      1.65 W/L ratio- been playing with a few friends that just picked up the game that have been getting roflstomped and its tough to compensate when you have two buddies going 4-15 every match.

      Higher-end Black Ops II Turtle Beach headset (great for sound whoring), just can't remember which one.


      I have pretty much played a combo of TDM, Cranked, Blitz and Dom as well as just started playing the Hardcore modes this time around and really have enjoyed that (haven't played too much KC this time around- yet).  I have also been playing a decent amount of Team Tactical with peeps on my friends list.  I could care less whether I run support or assault killstreaks and I don't mind being the tag defender in KC if we have someone setup to run around and collect.


      I am NOT looking for the casual, family centric "hang-out" clan.  I want to play with a group of guys that are similar in skill and play to win.


      I normally play 2-3 every night between 7pm and 11pm MST.  I do own my own business, so there will be some nights that I will not be available due to that demand.  Also, married but no kids which means you don't have to worry about any screaming children feedback in the mic, lol.  Last tidbit- I haven't played with a solid group of people for awhile, so my communication might be a little lacking at the beginning, but will get back to normal pretty quick.  I should be on most of the day on 11/24.