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    Its been a year now -Banned

      I was playing Black ops like any other day and some hackers got in the session and 1 kill was 500 points . But I left the server . Later a guy sends me a message and he wanted me to join in a server .So I came in and it was a theater lobby so I thought he wanted to do the ''Date Night'' achievement (I play black ops on my Xbox 360) but I was wrong.When the video was finished they were playing and again 1 kill was 500 points .I left quickly and I saw a coloured number on the start screen .I restarted my xbox and everything was normal again .But a week later I was playing zombies with my friend and I just got this error :'' The server is unavailable at this time ..." . First I thought its a normal error and its nothing to worry about . And here I am nearly a year later and ''the servers'' still don't work.Activision please my gamertag is InfernoRock  is it possible to get unbanned in any way? I had prestige 8 before the hackers got in and this was my favorite game .

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          Re: Its been a year now -Banned

          Hi there,


          If the account has received a ban, it was due to a violation of the Security & Enforcement Policy Activision Support .


          We do not have the details of your ban. Please take a moment to review the Security & Enforcement Policy which outlines reasons an account can get banned.


          Additionally, bans are not subject for further discussion or appeal.  Before any action is taken, the account is carefully reviewed to prevent a false positive.


          In accordance to the Community Forum Guidelines & Etiquette Community Forum Guidelines & Etiquette  this discussion will be locked.


          Please do not create another discussion regarding this matter.


          Regards ^AH

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