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        50. Re: Dedicated Servers

        You didnt pay for dedicated server use. You only paid for a licence to use the software. Dedicated Server use is a totally different charge called Xbox Live.


        you paid 60 dollars for the game but to use it online you must pay a totally seperate charge for Xbox Live. If you didnt pay for Xbox Live then you just own a 60 dollar peice of software.

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          51. Re: Dedicated Servers

          LOL "the bots are lagging" Wow, that's pretty bad man.

          I'm not sure you will get a firm answer yet or even then ever. Just honest predictions to be honest. I know this is a COD: Ghost forum, i'm not trying to blackball the game and promote another but it's amazing the BF3 HAS DEDICATED SERVERS WORLDWIDE FOR YEARS! COD racks up way more sales and has a way bigger consumer crowd than BF. EA does charge a fee if you want to play without an available pass, but IT IS SO WORTH IT. It feels so good to chose servers, be able to rent servers, it's definitely great to play online against just clans and not any public player by modifying the server. On top of that latency is so much more reduced! The maps are way bigger, more dynamic the game holds so much more players, spawntrap can be mitigated. I'm sorry but when I see better service and compare it to unnecessary terrible service I can't help but be baffled, confused and unsatisfied like everyone else. How does TreyArch that only published two games for the franchise have way better quality in graphics and creativity than Activision which has published some much more and recently holds the baton for COD? Zombies is so much more detailed and rich in creativity than any survival mode Activision has made, Extinction is so narrow and EASY for starts and Spec Ops is just a joke. Almost off topic, yes but It's talking about harder workers with better results. Activision has no valid excuse, it is severely embarrassing nonetheless, but COD is COD. You find fair ways around the errors and have heart when you hit a wall, because It's obvious the game is behind and far from progressing. Don't get me wrong they added very sweet features to Ghosts like very detailed battle chatter where the player's AI actually calls out target location with impressive detail, ground breaking really, it helps when your in a lobby where no one is communicating, although a player may not be playing the objective effectively as long as Dead Silence isn't a used perk, their presence helps a bit. To say dedicate severs will be available for Xbox 360? Doubt it, just look how the game is configured and compare the multiplayer options lay out to a game that the runs entirely off dedicated servers (BF), whoever made the announcement did not properly announce "HYBRID SERVERS" which are relatively weak because your still at risk of getting the same errors although it can facilitate connections because it processes and administers the connections between players with better management and might even host. But regardless "Loss Connection to Server" will still be a plague. And whoever is curious about my Time Zone experience, i've played both on the Pacific and Eastern Atlantic Time Zone, and BF is just as effective whereas COD is more random. On Pacific Timezone i had way better connection on COD, because I was in a key metropolitan area, but now my location is so distant I play with virtually any players from around the world. Which is very interesting and exciting, but Brazilian located players still seem to have an advantage as far as connection quality whereas playing with UK or US players isn't that big of a deal but it's funny because when I play with local players I suffer from a higher rate of latency. Only on COD, but I'm adjusting like any COD game, I'm registered on GB for this game and remain interested in what it has to provide though I'm not impressed  because I bought the game. Maybe I wouldn't care If i was a young kid who waits until someone buys the game for him, but I do with what I have and I've played worse mulitplayer games (Dark Souls) and still like it. Now that game has terrible lag and no motives to do ANY UPDATES, LOOL. Which reminds me I have to portfoward that game.

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            52. Re: Dedicated Servers

            Exactly it's a security policy, though there are ways to locate them easily. Or a more specific location can be obtained with thorough investigation.

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