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    If Anyone at Treyarch still Listens...

      OK nobody of any authority would realistically read this but hey what is there to lose? I am here on an appeal to have Hardcore Free-for-All reinstated into the game. I prefer hardcore gametypes and if I'm playing on my own (which I do a lot these days since Inifinty Ward's travesty of a game released into our stores) I don't like to play at all because I either need to deal with a mmilllllllllllllllion hitmarkers in core, or have to deal with incompetent teammates who share no interest in playing the objective and winning games as well as pose themselves as a hinderance to me in hardcore.
      I would love FFA back because it would be nice to actually die at no fault of a team mate. Green arrows are the biggest liability in the game.
      I either:
      1) Get shot by my own camping teammate because they are a jumpy little b***h f**k.
      2) Get grenaded by team mate who obviously cannot be trusted with explosives outside of core.
      3) Hit by a friendly Lightning Strike/Hellstorm Missile, because their singular 25 point kill is so important it is worth knocking me 100 points from an Orbital VSAT.
      4) I run VSAT every game. I get the most captures in most of my domination games and most confirms in KC by a long way. Meanwhile the rest of my team are sitting at the back or paying no attention to the objective in order to protect their kill/death ratio so I have no choice but to win the game single handed. I would like help every now and then and once, just once, I want someone else to run support classes rather than using a no-skill package or selfish lethal scorestreaks. I don't like my teammates winning because of me. I want them to help and actually EARN the victory. Sometimes I'm tempted to throw games just because I don't feel my team deserved the win.
      5) Friendly tactical grenades. Particularly EMP grenades as the blast radius is so large. I get a VSAT and a cretin on my team is not good enough to gain points through killing enemies or capturing objectives so they hurl EMP grenades irresponsibly into the middle of the map in the hope of assists with no thought regarding their team mates and I only get to utilise about 15 seconds of my own VSAT.
      I've achieved 9 nuclears in hardcore. Each time I had a team of people who were not complete idiots. (Apart from a couple of nuclears it was just me and one other, both running support streaks. I just kept my distance from my team which probably cost me about 15 unstoppables.)
      I want a gametype in hardcore where I can take full responsiblity for each of my deaths and not have to worry about the half-witted imbeciles that always get put on my team (which I can only assume happens because I have a high SPM. Usually top of lobby)
      Please let me demonstrate my individual ability and put hardcore free for all in Black Ops 2. I REFUSE to play any more Infinity Ward titles. This is the best Call of Duty game to date in my opinion and I miss my favourite gametype to play alone.
      If you made it this far, thank you for reading.