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        20. Re: Why do teammates do this??

        Guess the correct answer is that some people are just plan #%$ holes pure and simple lmao in game anyways lol

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          21. Re: Why do teammates do this??

          For me it's nothing to do with trolling or a dislike of campers in general, it's because of the way you affect the spawn logic.
          If you are sat snuggly at a distance from the enemy team and the rest of your side are engaging them up close (and dying), then the game is likely to spawn players near to you. Basically if the rest of the team are rubbish, you begin to inadvertently cause others to respawn in the same place repeatedly, which means they are more likely to be spawn-killed.


          If I can't get 10ft from spawn and I can't do anything to affect the skill level of the rest of the team, I can encourage you to move by standing beside you until an enemy engages us.


          Sorry, but the way I see it, it's just another tactic that is as valid as camping.

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            22. Re: Why do teammates do this??

            People like you should just stop playing.


            When you start buying the game for everyone else, you can tell them how they "should be playing"

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              23. Re: Why do teammates do this??

              Didnt read any replies.... i dont have the time or patience for that. For me it really comes down to the game type you where playing. If you were in a TDM match, i don't really see a problem with that. However if you were in a DOM S&R KK lobby, you where playing like a b&*ch. If you want to camp, play TDM/HTDM where having high K/D ratio in a match matters. If your playing an objective based game..... play the #*$&% $#(*&# objective, or get trolled.

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                24. Re: Why do teammates do this??

                this is a big problem when you try to get lean kills. people will block your sight lines and troll you. how am i supposed to get lean kills if everyone thinks im camping? also, finding a lean wall in hardcore is...hard lol.

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                  25. Re: Why do teammates do this??

                  Because the idiot on your team decided that you were a dirty camper, and wanted to 'punish' you.


                  Its stupid, and tells you all you need to know about certain parts of this community. Douche-nozzles like the guy you describe are why I roll in a party. If I must play with neanderthal idiots who think everyone should play their way, then at least they are on the other team so I can stomp them flat and feast on their salty tears.


                  However, should I get behind a sniper/camper, I usually take the opportunity to humiliate them. Nothing personal, just a bit of fun. I've had it done to me before

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                    26. Re: Why do teammates do this??

                    the best thing to do is find a camper at about the time the match is ending tea-bag there back for a few mins then knife them for the final kill and listen to them cry as everyone laughs

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                      27. Re: Why do teammates do this??

                      Why do people camp in the first place? Is it fun to ADS the whole map and wait for someone to come around the corner? I played a TDM on Clan V Clan on whiteout.... Worst game I have experienced in this game so far, It was filled with snipers on the enemy team, who didn't move from there spawn. They waited, posted on the ship and sat there waiting for someone to walk through their sight. So to counter My team got ahead One kill and  had to camp in the main lodge bathroom, the match sat deadlocked @ 7-6 for 8 minutes, 8 minutes we had to sit and wait cause the other team didn't want to lose to a team that could potentially beat them. Did we win because of our camping strategy... yes but i didn't touch my joystick or trigger for 8 minutes. Is this the way the game was designed to be played? maybe.... do I enjoy this playing style no. Is the W or your precious k/d that means absolutely nothing that important? Am I butt hurt at the fact that people camp corners, No but is it frustrating when people play the way that I described in the clan v clan. Abso-freakin-lutely! But I am not the cod police so I don't really care about your tent popping tactics, a well thrown grenade will knock you from your nest if not, at least it will make you get off your ***, I for one play this game to have fun not sit and watch the virtual paint dry

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                        28. Re: Why do teammates do this??

                        gotsomestars wrote:


                        People like you should just stop playing.


                        When you start buying the game for everyone else, you can tell them how they "should be playing"

                        No, maybe the players who sit in one spot ADS only to go 2-1 or worse should give up. I don't send nasty messages to them, so what's the problem! When I play, I go positive, play the objective and help the team to win. Are you saying my type of player should stop playing..if so, get real chief, the game would be unplayable if players like me stopped. Good luck playing what would be a big game of staring at nothing.

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                          29. Re: Why do teammates do this??

                          i believe what he is saying with the comment "people like you" is the people who complain about someone else's play style. who cares how they play if you don't like it o well. if they cause you to lose a game don't play with them. if you find yourself with a team of them start partying up with people. its a game people will play how they want if you like how they play then you should play with them more. if you don't sucks but it wont change.

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