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    Host Migration????

      Has anyone had a host migration since playing Ghosts on the X1?  I've put in a good amount of hours playing, experienced some lag, but not one host migration.  I was just curious if anyone had similar experiences, or if they had the host migration happen on the X1.

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          Well its great that you didnt have a host migration. So you can assume you are playing on a dedicated server.


          But some people wont be able to play on a dedicated server so you will see host migrations on them.


          Too bad no one knows really where the servers are located.


          What COULD help is to post your location so someone can start building an assumed database on locations. Eventually. Hopefully I just dont have the time to create one


          I live 75 miles from San Antonio and someone said a few weeks before the game was released on Xbox that there were locations in San Antonio . Add that factor to the other factor that I have yet at all seen a host migration makes it look plausible that I have had a dedicated server all the time. I have only had one server disconnect and that could be for many reasons. That was on day three of the game.

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              Yep, I have had one server disconnect, and it seemed to be right when I noticed the Ground War playlist, unless it was always there and that was the first time I saw it there.  Either way, good idea, I'm in the Tampa Bay area.  Database commence!!!

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              I live in Australia and get lag and have had several Host migrations. LOL whens the dedicated servers coming ?, oh wait everyone forgets about Australia and puts them all in US....

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                i havent seen one on xb1 yet and on 360 with about 24 hours played i seen about 5 total i live in edmonton alberta