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        I couldn't believe how oblivious that dude was when I checked the tapes. I also got an FR from 'the watcher' LMAO.


        Nothing better than humiliating people. Like the guy who found my prone body when I was operating a Lodestar, and decided to wait until I came out of it to kill me, but turned his back at the wrong time

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          I never complained dude, I only stated what I did. He complained about what I choose to do to a certain type of player in this game. Believe me, I know it's a VIDEO GAME!!! I will reiterate, I don not care how they play, but if they cannot or chose not to be of any benifit to the team, in a team based game, then tough cookies for them. I like to win and to be honest when I play, that's first and foremost on my mind. Obviously though, not on that type of player I mentioneds mind though. If they dont want to play as a team, go play FFA.

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            !!! Wow, it's not often I agree with you

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              I know what you mean on that point but when he runs up right on top of you and shoots down at you in cirlces tell we both get killed  then that kinda a reach to believe that dont you think lol

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                vibration wrote:


                FIrst off, I would like to say YOU ARE WRONG! Saying camping is a big no no.. simply means you are not any good at the game, nor do you have any patience! Im betting you have a 1.12 K/D with a .92 W/L and you cry "Camper" every time you die! It just means you are not a well rounded player.. but more of a spaz or someone that takes pleasure out of winning a gun battle which is determined by the best or worst connection.. which in turn REQUIRES NO SKILL!


                So sitting in a corner with an IED and a Dog requires how much skill again? Hey I'm not saying camping is this or that. Just trying to understand your perspective and understand how it is that you measure "skill".  I do not exactly understand the "skill" required by someone sitting in a corner with an IED on one side and "ADSing" the door.

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                  hahahahahHAHA" the watcher!", classic, thanks for making me laugh.so funny!

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                    I'm picturing a game of domination going 5-0-0-0, thinking he's contributing, all the mean while letting the other team get flag A when he's 15 feet from it but doesn't want to reveal his position...

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                      There's no way in heck that the spawn logic works that way anymore. It did, at one time, but not in Ghosts. .


                      If it did work that way, you wouldn't have people crying about spawning in front of opponents. In any case, I know it doesn't work that way because I was on Siege in the mine/rail car control building for a good three minutes and not once did a teammate spawn anywhere near me. I mean, they were not even spawning half way across the map from me.

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                        Trolling purposes, now in response to most people here, in objective team modes, camping is considered defense, campers cry against rushers because they get slaughtered and rushers return the same behavior when killed by a camper, there are occasions where there is a camp on camp kill rush/rush kill.

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                          Your argument is garbage, if this was TDM/FFA then your free to do so, but in objective team based gamemodes, I expect people to PTFO, I don't care for your "style" or that its a freaking game, PLAY the damn gamemode or leave, tired of seeing useless teammates in COD, MW3 being a prime example.