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    A_TREY_U Add 9vs9

      Hello, A Trey U

      First off I'm pretty happy that you guys at Treyarch had been giving us the Nintendo community the best versions that you can probably make considering the less amount of time you guys have to port/ optimize everything we have on Nintendo consoles but I have a single request and it is

      Could you consider adding 9vs9 on the Wii U ? since you know we are next generation too unless you guys don't classify us as next gen. I for one don't see the problem or difficulty of adding it since you can have 18 players on private matches and with the larger maps  in this game cough  cough stonehaven aka skyrim having 9 players per team is really necessary most of my games feel 3vs3 and today for the first time in any cod I played a tdm that reached the time limit with 37-17 score


      I know I'm going to get a lot of different responses in this thread from people asking for it (fissure) and those who simply don't care because well they like slow pace games( mah james)  but I'm not asking just because I want to get a lot of kills I'm asking because all next generation platforms have 9vs9 modes and WE SHOULDN'T FEEL LEFT OUT I'm pretty sure the Wii U can handle 9vs9 on public games.... and I for one felt the connection better in gw that in normal 6vs6 on BO2 but it's all up to you guys at Treyarchz HQ so please consider