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    Recruiting for PS3 Ghosts

      The Hardcore PS3 Unstoppable clan (Unstoppable!!! in Elite) [USP1] is recruiting again for Ghosts...We are currently at 75 members, but are planning to weed out inactive players...We have 40-45 active players every week and are looking to add more regular, every day players with KDR's above 1.00.


      We are sponsored and have clan tournaments every quarter and contests each month (troll video, pistol kills, drop shots, etc) - All resulting in free COD games (we gave away 3 COD Ghosts games), best buy gift cards, etc.


      You must have a KDR above 1.00, be 18 or over, mature and be willing to play with the clan whenever you are on.  We do ALL Challenges & Operations in Elite, so expect to play CORE game modes when no hardcore challenges & ops are available.


      We have a facebook page (www.facebook.com/groups/unstoppabletog) and a youtube channel (www.youtube.com/user/unstoppablecodclan).  In Elite we are Unstoppable!!! (3 exclamation points) and our clan tag is USP1.


      We also track all stats (KDR, challenges, operations, etc) and issue a monthly status (diamond, platinum, gold, silver and bronze) for each member based on contribution.


      Finally, a lot of us have been playing together since World at War, we are laid back, no hard and fast rules...but skill as much as attitude counts toward your clan standing.  Friend TOG-SLEEK on PSN or text me at 480.208.9051.



      Contact us quickly, time is running out!


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