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    COD Ghost wont find game

      COD Ghost wont find game, I'm connect with an Ethernet cable and my NAT is open. I have tried just about everything. A few days last week it work perfect, then it went back to not working Saturday.  My PS3 user name is tommynow. Also When its not working I also can't join games that my friends are in or join Invites, please help thanks.

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          Re: COD Ghost wont find game

          Hey had to sign up to comment, it has happened to me as well since the second to latest patch. I can only use wireless which isn't to great at my house since everyone hogs the internet. Now when ever i try to use Ethernet cable i get stuck in lobby trying to join game 1 of however many!!!!! Help us please!!

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            Re: COD Ghost wont find game

            I had the same problem, i just re installed the game for Xbox One

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              Re: COD Ghost wont find game

              I've had the same problem. When I wanted to play Gun Game (or any other game mode) I couldn't find any game at all, even though it said there were 1100+ players in the playlists.
              However, I tried to delete all my DLC's and when I did that, everything was back to normal. I could even find Free-For-All games with only 500+ players in the playlists.
              So I would recommend that you tried to delete your DLC(s) as well.
              Although if you haven't downloaded the DLC(s) I have no clue what the problem is.

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                Re: COD Ghost wont find game

                Hey there TommyNow


                Apologies for any delay in getting to your post. However, please note that issues with Call of Duty: Ghosts should be posted at GHOSTS SUPPORT 


                We checked your account and it looks like you may have recently been able to login. Is this correct?


                To give you an idea on how matchmaking works with DLC you can check this article Activision Support


                Let us know if you do still need some assistance.



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