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        40. Re: We need an answer. NOW!

        Like I said, no "Search Clan Name" area. It says "Create a clan" and has textbox to enter the clan name. I already have a clan so I don't want to mess with creating one for fear of what Beachhead may do .


        Either way, look at your own clan's roster (using the instructions above) and let me know what it says is the Clan Commander.

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          41. Re: We need an answer. NOW!

          PREDATOR_9281 wrote:


          Sounds to me like unless you have an iphone or an android less than 4 months old you can't do anything until the website is launched. Retarded. Last time I buy a CoD game.


          Edit: This company is so professional. I'm trying to get answers through Live Chat and the representative is speaking to other customers at the same time. The rep actually sent me a message intended for another customer. Obviously they don't focus on trying to get an issue resolved.


          I am on an iPhone 4 and it works for me.... thats 2+ years old...

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            42. Re: We need an answer. NOW!

            I have a android and iphone less than a year old, app is NOT compatible with either phone. I pre registered my clan name and nope can't find, now why DISCRIMINATE against people to say must have phone app, ummm errrrrr ehhh WRONG, do you honestly know what can happen also false advertising, cuz I remember what it said when I preregistered my clan name and on that very same registration page it said ghost website clan management ect. will be up and running on release date Nov. 5 2013. No website FALSE advertising, also those who spent by choice $60++ for the game deserve a lot more respect from a well known and named company #1, end of story.


            So since the app is NOT working for 96% of PAID customers, WE ALL ASK where is our website WE paid for?????? Man up!!!

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              43. Re: We need an answer. NOW!

              EVERYONE with a clan and the game should be able to manage their clans in multiple ways. Their are isolating it for the bonus they will likely get from these devices' manufacturers. No one notice the brands thathe app was mostly isolated to? Looks a little shady to me

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                44. Re: We need an answer. NOW!



                Apps are not the end-all answer to everything, and they DO NOT replace simple, good "old fashioned" web browsers. I am not buying a new OS or a new phone just to access features that really should be included IN GAME, nevermind requiring third-part hardware AND additional software to use.

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                  45. Re: We need an answer. NOW!

                  I agree this app has been as big a disaster as when they launched Elite with all the promises of Clan Ops etc,it took them a year to get that working and even now its still not working properly.I have spent 2 years establishing a Clan and now they take away my ability to manage it unless I buy an iPhone or iPad which I cannot afford.It seems that Activision only care about people with money who can afford to buy all these extra products.Once more they screw over the little man.


                  Get a grip Activision,I have bought every COD title ever released and bought premium Elite,but after this farce I may never buy another Activision product.You are not the only company out there supplying quality games,and if you keep screwing over your loyal customers like this you may find yourself struggling to sell your products.Get it sorted

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                    46. Re: We need an answer. NOW!

                    does it work with android device ?

                    is it available in the play market ?

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                      47. Re: We need an answer. NOW!

                      Ramouh4 wrote:


                      does it work with android device ?

                      is it available in the play market ?

                      Yes it works on android devices though it varies by device.


                      Call of Duty® - Android Apps on Google Play

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                        48. Re: We need an answer. NOW!

                        I found that the app was working fine on my Acer tablet until the recent update,now it says my device is not compatible and I can no longer use the app,now Clan Wars has launched and I cant manage my Clan.Are they actually trying to make managing the Clan available to everyone? or are they just keeping the people who can afford iPhones etc happy and screw the rest of us?.Why advertise all the stuff about how great Clan Wars etc will be and that it will be available to everyone when clearly it is not available to everyone.Bad advertising,bad product and bad customer service,way to go Activision

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                          49. Re: We need an answer. NOW!

                          No offense - but my iPhone 4 is OLD as the hills - app works fine.

                          I wonder, if you iphone updated to the latest iOS?  If not most apps even TELL YOU they don't guarantee full functionality if you don't update to the latest 7 iOS. 


                          Remember - the app works for Android, iOS and Windows 8.1 - How many THOUSANDS of new computers with windows 8.1 do you think will be sold over the holiday season?


                          Doesn't make a lot of sense from a business standpoint (it is a business) to program the app for backward compatibility off the bat.


                          Also blame alot of this on the idiot hackers you screwed with Elite and COD - and still are - they are trying to keep it so these punks can't do it to clan wars.  Programming mobile apps is much different than the tired hacks used on PC platforms.


                          IF YOU WANT THE APP BAD ENOUGH on your PC, do some research.  My iphone works fine, but I was able to search and have the app UP and RUNNING on my Win 7 PC in like 20 minutes. The NEWEST version of the app.


                          BTW - "WE NEED AN ANSWER NOW!!!" 


                          That's a really good way to get ignored.


                          If you like the game  - play it. If you don't, return it.

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