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    L>Good people to play extinction with(PS3)

      Well as the title suggests i am looking for really good people to play extinction with. It's a really awesome game mode and i would like to beat it and it seems you can make it even harder by using relics and unlock player cards. I was really into zombies mode achieving shot guns rank and i like this mode as well its not the same but its awesome so yeah if you wanna party up add l-SpikeSpiegel-l (l=L) and or my exclusive account just for zombies/extinction xShadowClone i am mostly on spike so if you want to catch me faster add him and then later ill switch over to shadow. When you send me a friend request also shoot me a short message saying something like "extinction forums" so i know your not just some random person and i wont accidentally delete you. You could also just leave you PSN ID on the forum if you like but i think just adding me directly would be easier. Again this is for ps3... see you in game.