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    Reducing Latency (Lag) on Call of Duty: Ghost and Multiplayer In General While Using a Router

      The bane of multiplayer gamers worldwide: latency. It's virtually unavoidable on Call of Duty Multiplayers but there are ways to reduce or even prevent it completely.


      Here's a list of solutions:


      1. Portforwarding

      2.Set console to DMZ

      3.Clear your XBox cache and messages.

      4. Clean your Xbox fan, keep it from overheating.


      Things You Will Need (router users):


      1. Your router IP address to access your router's set up page.

      2. A Portforwarding website to help you find the port ranges for specific games (www.portforward.com)

      3.Possibly an external fan for your console.


      Now, portforwarding basically makes networks readily available so your console wont waste time searching for the ports. There's a video about it on YouTube, but keep in mind the IP address your using is your console IP address which is provided by your router (if your using router) and when you make a change that affects your consoles connection on your router keep in mind to reset your Xbox. Portforwarding enables "Nat Type: Open".

      Another available assistance Is adding your Xbox to your router's DMZ so the connections on the multiplayer network will be more available for you. If you do not know about your router's DMZ or what a DMZ is check the manual which should be available online and any available resources.


      Now allot of players might always seem to complain about the internet connection, and blame network connection for their latency, but that can actually be partially true if not completely wrong. Xbox consoles use similar parts of a PC: It uses RAM, CPU, HDD has USB and HDMI ports and thus can suffer from similar issues in result to it outright freezing and failing to respond correctly.

      One part of the Xbox that impacts freezing and latency is the fan. Allot of players might not regard how their Xbox is placed, very much like PCs. Allot of PCs (commonly laptops) suffer from overheating when you place it on a surface that holds heat or blocks the fan causing the laptop processing to slow down and some programs not respond in order to mitigate this hardware failure by seizing overuse. The Xbox can do the same very easily, if the fan is facing the surface or the area is too hot. A way to prevent this outright is using an external fan to keep your Xbox from overheating just as external fans are available for PCs. FYI, placing a laptop on your bed is comfortable but a bad idea because the fabric stifles the outgoing hot air.


      Another thing is the Xbox's RAM capacity might not have enough processing room for the CPU, probably because heavy multiplayer gaming or multitasking on the XBox was not expected by developers. Clearing your Xbox Cache gives the RAM more processing room and also erasing unimportant messages and keeping your friendlist shorter and more minimum. Fact is when you're in Party Chat, using  that feature takes up RAM because of the additional information needing to be processed. Which is why sometimes the Party disables for everyone in it, because the Xbox cannot hold the feature while in multiplayer beside the fact that it can be a network issue where a port might be failing to connect for a player in  the party and it's affecting the host connection overall. Enabling "Busy" or "Away" also prevents you from receiving notices like "online" or "gaming" status that can slow down your Xbox. The CPU for the XBox can also be another issue as to  the CPU not being able to process information fast enough which can cause lag. Allot of  players who are interesting in upgrading anything  that seems lacking would right away just consider upgrading these parts. Thing is these parts are not readily available and doing this can be considered "Tampering" which is against the Xbox Live Coded of Conduct.


      XBox 360 Features:


      -CPU: XCPU 3.2 GHz with 1MB Cache (Very good in my opinion)

      -RAM: 512 GDDR3 RAM (Very terrible in my opinion, which is why gaming PC dwarf XBox and why lag can happen very often, it's a bare minimum resolve)

      -Graphic Card: Xenos by ATI 90nm clockspeed 500 MHz.


      Besides considering buying an external fan. Keep the fan clean! Make sure to reduce the presence of dust and debris in your consoles fan.


      Enabling portfowarding and using DMZ for your console does help. I've experience allot less noticeable latency and buy using an external fan my XBox freezes 75% less whereas it used to freeze every other hour since I play it in 80 degree plus weather without the presence of a nifty central cooler. Also when a migration host occurs to me on COD, I noticed that I don't get kicked and maybe even become the host because my connection is more readily available since i'm portfowarding and have my console in the DMZ of my router.


      If you have any problems with the game, be courteous and have as much evidence of the problem as possible to provide to the Activision Support (who are great at not being available more than helpful), make sure you answer the 5 Ws (Where, When, What, Where, Why) and using explicit photographs and having additional information gives them a better idea on how to solve your problems than just biased messaging,


      I found some of this information at:

      Activision Support

      Believe it or not and did more research and used every tip.