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    Greatest system of hosting -____-'

      UNBELIEVABLE, some player has develop this game??????


      I think not because every one like go on party with more than 150 on ping -___-


      Yes I know they are too less people on the same geographics zone.


      It is impossible to find 12 players with max 70 of ping for play at this game!


      Yes, I'm a little bit HUNGRY, because at the begginning of the game, no problem to find a good game with low ping.


      Since a little more than 1 Week ==> Never a game without lag : NEVER!!!!!!!!!!


      I has got a good connection (50 Mbps on download ans 2,70 Mbps on upload)


      What do you waiting for come out the server???????????


      Or make something to do the same than you have do in BLACK OPS 2 : an option to set the max ping for a party.


      But please, JUST DO SOMETHING USEFULL FOR ONE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Sorry for my english but It's not my mother language!

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          Re: Greatest system of hosting -____-'

          Yeah again, 2 game, again 2 game with lot of lag -___-


          You think, I can sell you my game and you give me back my money??????

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            Re: Greatest system of hosting -____-'

            Les people playing the game = less possibilities of connecting to some good host... get used to it since many players just quit the game because of cheaters.

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                Re: Greatest system of hosting -____-'

                I just wish they'd give you a choice, a simple ping over, or under, a 100.  Obviously if you choose under a 100, you're gonna wait a few minutes for a match.  But, I'll take that over constantly having to jump out of laggy matches.  The impatient players of the world can choose over 100 and have their.. experience.


                Either that, or stop being proud and ask Treyarch why BO2 doesn't lag with less players

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                Re: Greatest system of hosting -____-'

                Their patches, that haven't helped much (if at all) so far, don't really improve the situation. More and more people will find something else to do or go back to one of the older (working) titles of the series.

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                  Re: Greatest system of hosting -____-'

                  Thats because the first few weeks.. ALOT of players were testing out the game.. Now the majority has left to BF4 because of the stupid support the PC is getting.


                  This host system didnt work in MW2/3... and will not work here either? Why? Because PC isn't an Xbox or PS with everyone having the same Hardware... The hardware differences matter ALOT aswell in playability, LOW FPS hosting will lagg for high FPS players... Game is just ****** up..




                  I have to admit... i didnt had much problem with it in BO2... sometimes, but not as much as here...

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                    Re: Greatest system of hosting -____-'

                    when will it end?

                    not advertising, just complain to developers! it happens all the time, you can not play normally. Enemy lagging, sometimes you lagging. Constantly people are killing each other by the LAGS! This infuriates!

                    why I see the one thing when enemy see absolutely another?

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                      Re: Greatest system of hosting -____-'

                      yeah, i´m sick of this game. Call Of Dummies - Lag Mod 2.0


                      do something you are able to, developers! wasted money.. yours and mine!

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