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    High Streaks vs Low Streaks.

      When I first stepped into multi player I was fascinated by all the large gun ships in the air, the jets strafe running the map, missiles raining down  and swarms of paper planes.

      Then I realized they are hard as hell to get so I settled for the low streaks for a few months but yesterday I decided to challenge myself. I put on my try hard pants and got 2 stealth choppers. I underestimated myself but it took a while to get so it was late game on TDM on both occasions so they did not help much. I realize now that getting big streaks gives an extremely satisfying feeling to those with some sort of inferiority complex that only go for big streaks. Truth is they don't help your team much with the exception of Orbital VSAT and E.M.P. System. Lets compare both, High streaks hard to get for most players, only two are worth using in my opinion, they only get you a million kills that do nothing for your team mates, you have more to lose if your streak ends unexpectedly. However they do give some sense of accomplishment, and bragging rights. Low streaks are easy to get, they can overwhelm your opponents if your team uses them constantly, they provide excellent team support and You stand to lose less if your streak ends unexpectedly, however using low streaks gives the impression that one is of low skill and often players are underestimated this can be  both a disadvantage and an advantage because you are either rushed by the opponent and you lose the match horribly or the opponent falls into your trap and is humiliated quickly.What are your thoughts on Big Streaks vs Little Streaks.