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    Objective games....what happened to you?

      Oh, I know what happened.  People don't care about collecting tags or capturing domination positions.  Why?  Thanks to the return of the (mostly) original method of earning rewards with simple kills, players no longer have the desire to risk their rewards for the sake of an objective that offers almost no points. 


      Remember when Black Ops 2 implemented the scorestreak system?  While it was not perfect from my point of view, scorestreaks heavily provided equal benefit to slaying and objective play; If you want less points with less risk, go slayer.  If you want more points with more risk, go objective.  It was a breakthrough in game design that also increased the intensity of matches altogether.


      But in Call of Duty: Ghosts...there can literally be 50 tags in the open during a game of Kill Confirmed.  Do you think anyone is going to claim those tags?  NOPE!  Let's just sit in a corner because I need a few more kills for my guard dog or sentry gun.  Let's be rewarded for being a killwhore and ignoring objectives altogether.  My team will be so proud of my K/D ratio!  Multiplayer game of the year! 


      Excuse my sarcasm, but you get the point.  Killstreaks = Boring objective baiting, plain and simple.