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        lewdmouth wrote:


        Most people who sponge bullets and evade death have poor connections. Most likely why you can take hits and survive. It has to do with your ability to send and receive updates in a timely manner. I would not go around boasting about it on the forums.

        Incorrect, but why should I explain to you what my experience is like online? I die, and I survive has zero to do with blaming my packet's, I get shot, I move there is no further thing to boast. Perhaps trying it will work for you.

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          gallp is average but still has many satisfactory gun fights. there is a very simple trick to it. Happy to share if enough folks PM with interest.

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            No.  You just need more brain power in map navigation knowing that in-built Juggernaut isn't going to save you from dying any more.

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              I want to unlock the "Magic Bullets". You know the ones. When you get the drop on some guy and start unloading a full clip in to them (Thud Thud Thud). And they just turn around and blow you away with a single unaimed shot. I want that JFK bullet. Or is there something suspicious going on with these remarkably accurate and bullet resistant players?

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                I figured it out. Thanks anyway gallp.  It was an issue with my router. It apparently runs too smooth and allows free flow of uploaded information to get through in a timely manner while most other players have bottlenecked upload speeds (low quality DSL) and sending updates late. To level the playing field, I reduced my upload speed to 128kbps via QOS and reduced the line priority to low on the ethernet connection that runs to the xbox. The game is running perfect now. Magic bullets have been stopped 100%. I recommend this for anyone with a high bandwidth low ping line like I have. It works perfectly. No joke.

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