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        110. Re: Ghosts Q & A

        has anyone asked where the dinosaurs are yet?


        sniper rifles now i dont want to open a con o worms here but I've noticed recently the two sniper rifles that give the bonus for getting 4 kills in a row are on eof the factors alot of people are once again complaining about being quickscoped..  is theteam willing to look at some of the attributes the 4 kill bonus gives esp in regards to centre speed

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          111. Re: Ghosts Q & A

          These are also my thoughts, IW has done a good job of supporting this year, I'm happy for that. Still do not understand as well as all the reason of huge maps, this is bad for COD, fighting all the time we want, we want DLC with smaller maps.

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            112. Re: Ghosts Q & A

            Maybe that was the strategy. Make the default maps humongous and sell the fun, fast paced, and smaller three-lane maps as DLCs.

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              113. Re: Ghosts Q & A

              Why won't squadmembers in squadmode use their rewards. So far the only have used the sat com. One used the guard dog from a CP from me.
              they all got support on and some are able to get more rewards than just the sat com.

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                114. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                Just 4 things:

                Will you add more dynamic features( like map events, booby traps, etc)?

                Will you add more objective modes like demolition, grind, etc?

                Will you add more kill streaks like as a compatibility pack which includes one support and one assault kill streak?

                Are you revealing more dlc info soon?

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                  115. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                  Why don't games repopulate on PC? I play in a good group of players so more often than not the other team will leave, this leaves us vs one or two players the entire match which is boring for us, and them. I would much rather get put into a started game than sit through a whole game vs one guy. It took the full time duration to finish a game of Cranked yesterday because there was only one enemy. Please revert whatever you did, so players are found mid game ASAP.

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                    116. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                    Why is the Bulldog the only weapon you can use in Infected? Where did all the diversity from MW3's infected go with this new game? It's not as fun as it used to be when you use that weapon all the time. Please just go back to the way it was in MW3 and/or make it better.

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                      117. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                      Will you stick with your large more fun maps?

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                        118. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                        When will set the respawn ? - Even with updates , still bad .

                        Will be fixed when removing panic knifing ? - It is terrible to lose a series for this.


                        When will MSBS nerfing ? - She is totally unbalanced , even with its recoil map it to any distance with 2 bullets .


                        When will nerfing IEDs ? This is the most ridiculous thing seen , not any merit to kill with it , its damage is very high and can not escape it, at least put a delay so that one can think of surviving .


                        We want smaller maps , 90 % of the players who buy COD every year like to kill and die , like confrontation at all moments , want to get to the enemy respawn quickly to start a fight to who is the best . We do not like BF4 please do not bring them when we smaller maps maps ? DLC free with DOME among others would be an incredible outlet .


                        When the perk aplificar cost 3 or 4 points ? He leaves the bad things when it wants camper , die is not fair for those using aplificar camper sitting in a corner .


                        When will be implemented Statistics KEM Strike on your profile as well as how many votorias , which weapon most used . It will be great to know how you managed KEM True Strike .


                        When we DLC with camo for guns ?


                        When will we stop playing COD ? NEVER .

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                          119. Re: Ghosts Q & A

                          I don't really have any questions to ask regarding the game itself, but something about the community at large has puzzled me since Call of Duty 4.


                          What the hell is "panic knifing"?

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