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    Squad Member Question


      In multi-player, I can choose from 10 squad members to play. The first 6 are unlocked with 3 squad points, but the other 4 are more. Hodge (200pts), Williams (300pts), Keiser (400pts), Bock (500pts).


      Does anyone know if there is anything special about these soldiers?



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          I don't believe so. I wouldn't waste the points.  You'll get them eventually by prestiging anyway.

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            Theres nothin special about them the reason they are more is because by the time your 2nd prestige you'll have like 500pts you end up using them all each one is their own prestige .

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              I haven't been using the squad points at all. I just don't see guns that I want or anything. The load out/ranking up system doesn't seem very interesting to me. BO2 kept me going right to the end with trying to rank up weapons and get camos. I am not interesting in seeing the different camos and getting badges isn't very open either. I was in a lobby last night were guys were struggling to explain where to find their badges and challenges and stuff. Maybe time will solve how unapproachable this game currently is.