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        10. Re: Amplify

        defitnitley the dead silence one.



        amplify should be removed

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          11. Re: Amplify

          Wish they'd take the sound whore perks out of the game. I get it in theory, but this is just another example of an idea with good intentions that this 'community' of degens will abuse to the max. I mean how the hell are you going to put a perk in the game that PENALIZES MOVEMENT? It's not really balanced because there's nothing you can really 'give up' to compensate for running Amplify. What good is seeing a dot on the radar w/ a Sat Com if that person can hear you coming a mile off? These devs STILL haven't grasped the sorry fact that the nerds who play this game can and will find ANYTHING to abuse. Why do you have to make it so easy with stuff like Amplify and IEDs?


          It's slowed the game down to a crawl. Never seen so many time limit matches. The map size doesn't help either.

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            12. Re: Amplify

            amplify is just fine. please stop the crying. all of you who complaining  about it. please..stop..crying.


            you DONT need to crouch over the whole map, stop being retarded.


            when you get close to an area of suspect, crouch. duh... have you never played anything but black ops 2??? what did you do in in all the other IW games? did you cry there too? how much crying has been done?


            i run both dead silence and amplify. i know how much distance you get out of amplify. stop crying..please..

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              13. Re: Amplify

              I'll second the crouch... It keeps you more silent than Dead silence.  Pro tip: use incognito... It shuts ur player up from talking and from enemies calling out ur position. It's a hidden benefit not mentioned... Its in strategy guide.  Basically it does the other half of what Dead silence has done in the past... Shut ur effing character up from talking and other noises as well as base perk description n keeps enemies from automatically calling out ur position. Why do u think ds is 2pts and incognito is 3pts?

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                14. Re: Amplify

                If anything should be taken out its dead silence.  You should not get cheap kills by sneaking up on people.  You should have to be faster and smarter than them.   I run DS and AMP, but I wish DS was not in the game. DS gets me killed more than anything else (with the exception of the dog of course).  Without DS, you have gun fights.  With DS, you get to shoot people in the back because they never know you are there.


                Yes, AMP will allow you to hear DS users on the right surface and on a quiet map.  But the distance is pretty short.  You usually still get the jump on them. Learn the surfaces that are loudest and stop sprinting on them.

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                  15. Re: Amplify

                  Or do what I do: Sprint very quickly (Huzzah SMG!) and just get the jump on them anyway

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                    16. Re: Amplify

                    Been using DS and Sit Rep and haven't noticed an issue with it thus far. Will keep looking.

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                      17. Re: Amplify

                      tl;dr i bought astro's so i feel entitled to hear people across the map, don't take away my instaskill

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                        18. Re: Amplify

                        the issue really is the fact unlike sitrep pro which took skill and time to earn in MW3 you can unlock this perk once you have 9 squad points, and its probably the top 3 perks in the game to use, players who never bothered to earn sitrep pro are loving this new system

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                          19. Re: Amplify

                          #1 rule of call of duty (IMO): If it's OP, use it


                          I use amplify on most of my classes and even wear my silver amplify 2 patch (as a warning for non-soundwhores). Amplify is only OP if used correctly (decent headset and great auditory senses), if you got a problem with it, wait for a nerf or duckwalk everywhere. If you aren't prepared you'll be fresh meat for campers and people like me, fight fire with fire

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