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    No more DDOSes ???


      I am not in any way denying that DDOS happens in THIS thread. My opinion on it might be totally different outside of this thread but I prefer not to bring up that point.


      Now many people have stated that around up until now the dedicated servers in this game were scarce. Whether or not it actually was is still based on opinion because we dont have all the facts. Some people havent noticed host migrations, etc so that could mean dedicated servers.


      But on the flipside it could just mean we still dont have dedis on the 360 and the host selection is better, so less of a chance of host migration. That is also conjecture without all the facts.


      If you dont have a dedicated server you can get DDOSed. That is a risk we all take. And if you notice in the Black Ops 2 forum for example at least 20 to 30 people claimed they were being DDOSed in the game. I am neither saying they WERE getting DDOSed and I also am not saying they WERENT.


      Which brings me to the point of this honest set of questions.


      Has anyone seen any DDOS complaints on the 360 since the game came out ? I may have missed them but I dont think there were any. I remember seeing 20 to thirty people a week post they were getting DDOSed, now there seems to be none.


      And if not then WHY arent we seeing those on the Ghosts 360 forum any longer ?


      And why do you think we are not ?


      My assumption which I admit could be wrong is that we are seeing better connections in this game and that could be getting rid of the "perception" of getting DDOSed.


      Thoughts ?

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          People blame everything other than their own internet.

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            I dont have a clue. But i can tell you clearly that the 360 version is running VERY limited dedicated servers. it is obvious after you get a xbox one and play ghost's on that console.

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              The only reason I could think of is that the dedis are online. From what I remember they were not online right away.  Was there a date as to when they were supposed to be online?


              It is a positive sign for sure.

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                i havent seen anyone get DDoS on ghosts yet or heard but it is very possible. I play original black ops a lot still too and get DDoS frequently where I have to change my ip to even use the internet. Mostly from people who don't play ligitly. It's way to easy to get an ip address while gaming as even thou you connect to the host you also connect to each player. It's inevitable it's gonna happen its a matter of when. Now with all the online stress test booters there isn't too much you can do but perhaps invest in a vpn network. That's what i've recently done to prevent being DDoS. They can be quite inexpensive and you setup up it on the computer and share the internet connection on the computer with your xbox.