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    Just change the name to Free For Camping.

      FFA has always been the game mode I enjoy the most and apart from some habitual campers it was always fun to play in BO2. In ghosts however all the fun is sucked out of it because everyone is camping all the time. Earlier today I played 5 rounds and each reached the time limit. WTF! This never happened in BO2, not even now that the number of players is much smaller. Some might say the footsteps are too loud or the spawns are f*cked up and while that's true it's not why everybody camps in FFA. It's because they're all scared little b*tches who are afraid to fight because god forbid they might loose a gunfight in a freaking video game. The community has completely destroyed FFA. Everything that once was fun about it is now completely gone. IW, just remove it from the playlist because the damage that's been done to FFA by the community can not be fixed, no matter what you do.