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    Major Fixes that need to be addressed.


      1) Spawn points all game modes.

      2) the loading screen countdown

      3) Spawing right next an enemy player

      4) Ak12 seemes a little too over powered

      5) the companion app.


      Feel free to add what you think that needs to be fixed and maybe they will listen to us since we are paying to play online now

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          The maps take so long to load. Couldn't agree more. Especially on the PS4 with the increased processing power, I wonder why it takes sooo long. I could understand that on the previous gen consoles but c'mon!

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            You said spawns twice, they have tweaked them, they will again.

            Secondly if you think a gun is op, try it out.... stop crying,


            Map load times are comparable to other fps games on next gen.


            If you are unhappy, just stop playing.

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                There was no need for you to be an a** here. He has a right to post his gripes as does anyone else. IF YOU don't like his post don't comment and find something better to do with your life kid.

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                    So, wait. You say he has a right to say what he wants, then tell me to not say what I want? Sounds legit. You must be new here. People show up, cry for a minute, then you never see them again. It is what it is. Cry babies are gonna cry, while everyone else takes the time to learn the game . People need to understand. This game is not personally made for YOU. Its made for everyone. Just because YOU get smacked around doesn't mean its broken.

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                  1.Spawns have  ALWAYS been bad on every COD game ever made.

                  Black Ops 1 has the best spawns for all COD games as of right now.

                  Yes, Ghosts spawns you right to your death way too often.

                  I have spawned right in front of an enemy who panicked knifed me.


                  2. Yes, the countdown needs to be quicker. I agree. 15 seconds tops.

                  When I see 50 seconds on screen or 35 that is too long.

                  It magically jumps to 15 when everyone has chosen their class loadout.

                  So cut it down straight to 15 seconds period.


                  3. Guns. Anything people win with will be called "OP".

                  I don't feel anything is too over powered in game.

                  I know that some weapons might get a nerf in future patches though.

                  I am currently winning Free For All matches using ONLY a pistol and tactical knife on all maps.

                  So...yeah OP doesn't mean anything when it comes to winning.

                  It's how your skills are as a player. Not the weapon itself.

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                    I would like to see something done about the instant deaths, damn it's getting annoying.

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                      Here is what I am dealing with playing ghosts on ps4 : when playing domination the game spawns me near enemies or in front of the last guy to kill me , if I leave a lobby the game will put me right back into the same lobby , if I leave a match the game puts me right back into the same match , I am not getting unlocks for playing and reaching max prestige in MW3 and BO2  there are 6 back grounds I should have , the call of duty app won't let me sign in , and ghosts does not recognise that I downloaded the app so I don't have the patch unlocked , no matter what gun I use every other shot does not get hit markers or every other shot is a miss , the remmington rate of fire is too slow , ghosts does not track my wins and losses correctly in squads or multiplayer , Activision's fast food approach to game development will lead them to there downfall , they need to give more time for quality testing and play testing game functions .

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                          I also have not had my backgrounds unlocked for playing previous COD's, but my founder status is unlocked! How could I have founder status if I haven't played previous games? I was max prestige in BO2, I went as far as prestige 11 in MW3 (I got pissed after the whole 'lets add another 10 prestiges thing'. Thanks Infinity Ward).

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                          I'm having no problems with maps loading on the PS4. The only big issue I have is spawning in and getting shot in the back before I can move. I was pleasantly surprised with the speed the maps load. As far as the weapons, I'm sure they will be tweaked soon enough, but the spawn problems are really bad.

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                            also.. if a sniper rifle says "lethal from knees up" and you attach a chrome barrel to increase damage
                            then you hit them in the chest without hitting cover from 10 ft away and only get a hit marker..
                            sounds to me the gun's damage needs to be adjusted or the wording on the description changed

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                              I shall use bathroom metaphors to express my opinions on the poster's post:


                              1. SPAWN POINTS = UNFLUSHED TOILET

                              2. LOADING SCREEN COUNTDOWN = BRUSHING TEETH (arduous but necessary and humbling)


                              4. AK12 SEEMS OVERPOWERED = SCENTED SOAP

                              5. THE COMPANION APP = IRREGULAR PLUG/BATTERY SHAVER (it works fine but you may not have the requirements for it to be truly useful, and if you do, you may be unlucky with sockets or cables such that you can't reach the mirror)

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                                I've always been an LMG guy, but I must say, the AK-12 is pretty brutal and seems way easier to kill guys than the other guns I've tried - plus it is extremely accurate.

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                                  I'm a little surprised that people are just now realizing that the AK-12 is powerful. Overpowered, hardly. This has been a trend since Call of Duty 4; on CoD4 there was the AK47, on CoD5 there was the SVT-40, on MW2 through MW3 the AK47 was by far the only assault rifle that mattered, on BO2 there was the AN94, and now on Ghosts we have the AK-12. Anybody notice a running pattern here?


                                  The rest of this thread basically seems to be a bunch of complaining about nothing. All those fancy buzzwords like "panic knife" and "lag" and "spawns" are honestly complaining about issues that don't actually exist.

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                                    To me, the only thing that really needs attention is the spawns.  With maps with unheard of size in the Call of Duty franchise, the spawns should be better than ever. There is not any reason why I should spawn and have a direct line of sight to a guys back. 


                                    As for the Ak-12, It's not overpowered and here is why.  The Ak-12 is immensely powerful at medium-long range because that is what is made for and you will lose to it at that range just like a bizon would lose to a marksman rifle across the map.  However, in closer ranges, the Ak-12 suffers because of its low Rate of Fire and loses frequently because it never will get below a 3 shot kill with a full health enemy (not including deadeye)


                                    The app is meh.  Some loading time issues. Nothing major