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    DOSx Now Recruiting

                                   Clan Name: Destroy On Sight

                                                             Get Known~

      Destroy On Sight has been around for almost a year now. We are recruiting active,loyal, serious, competitive players. The community of this clan wants every single person in the clan to have fun and give 100% to the clan. Growing our community  will help the clan and well get stronger and stronger as we go. A community that helps each other becomes a great community.

      Together we get known and grow as a family a respected Community.

      Everyday We do the clan challenges  and clan ops. Every Single time we get Gold.

      Destroy On Sight is heading towards competitive gaming.

      Lets make the clan active and surpass the F**k Out of other clans!

      Communication is key in order to win, you should be able call out and etc...

      The clan is starting to do a lot of scrimmages with a bunch of Clans.

      Also the clan will be moving to  Call Of Duty Ghosts on PS4 but also in PS3.

      If you have no interest  in doing clan challenges or clan ops please don't apply at some point

      you should be able to do clan challenges that way we know your helpful to the clan

      The clan is looking for 3 more League players to represent the clan in league play

                                                           What the clan offers you:

      Gold Clan Tag

      Help you become better

      Win all the time

      Great Time


      Have a 1.20 K/D Ratio

      Mic is a must to be able to communicate

      Clan Tag On

      Log in at least 4 times a week