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    Old Gametypes

      Is anyone else feel out of place by the removal of longstanding gamemodes?


      For me at least, demolition and headquarters/hardpoint removal left me without something I really enjoyed playing.


      Because of the idiocy of Blitz where nobody defends their own portal past the first death and sits on the enemies to the awful spawns of domination left me without a real objective game type to play.  Yes, there is the Search and Rescue and the SND duo, but since I don't have a headset, I find that because I'm at such a distinct disadvantage that it isn't fun to play.


      What are your thoughts on the new modes as well as the removal of the old?  I personally would like at least one of the three back.  I understand the removal of hardpoint because Tryarch and Infinity Ward have some weird no sharing dynamic going on ( I have no information on what the rules are/if there are any for sharing, they just seem to retrogress so much that I assume there is something in place.) but I'm at a loss to why they removed capture the flag and demolition/headquarters.