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    Concerning Hackers/Glitchers

      I was playing a game of Free-For-All and someone by the name of Fantomm hacked/glitched out the whole lobby by freezing the game. The same thing happened a while back when a buddy and I were playing domination, but it was a different user under the name of Bullet Dodger. I reported them using the In-game Report function, but from what I hear it's better to use the Official Forums. Anyways, hope this helps in reducing the amount of hackers in the game and to let y'all aware of what's going on and that apparently there are exploits that are being used to perform this. I wish I could give more information, but I don't know how they are doing it.

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          No hackers on wii u.


          It was either just plain funky lag or maybe there's an exploit like the one with the riot shield in MW3 that made lobbies freeze.

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            no hacks and this is not the way to report. devs have asked to report in-game but probably ignore it due to people false reporting.

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              My nephew plays on PS3 and told me there was a glitch/exploit that lets you freeze the console of everyone in the match (including yours).  Maybe its also present in the Wii U version?

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                Someone named "Fearless07" froze up a couple games of FFA last night. Verbally abusing the lobby before freezing consoles a minute or so into game. Just a really **** move. Not impressed.

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                  If you're going to report people in the forum its best to PM Foxhound or A_Trey_U. Your post will be edited as soon as one of them sees it..

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                    The very same person came into a full Core TDM lobby of [MP] and [3D], spoke on the mic and said in two minutes he was going to freeze the entire console. An exchange of words ensued between him and another, then the game started.

                    No less than 30 seconds in just as we were pushing forward, the whole game freezes (like the typical early BO2 ones), nothing bar pulling the plug out can unlock it.

                    Eventually get back in the party, and a few of our group reported him. But he was not on my players history, so I could not.

                    His NNID was definitely Fantom something, and it was a deliberate and successful hack/ or switch on a core Wii U game.


                    This needs reporting, he needs banning.



                    And to think, I was coming on here to say to A_Trey_U, what a great job they did bringing this over.

                    It has it's problems, there is no denying that. But in terms of content, variety, and gameplay. Wii CoD has come a long way.

                    There are parts of this game I haven't even looked at, and I have no regrets in getting Ghosts.

                    So ignore the trolls, you did a fair job. With a the connection sorted out, I dare say it would be as good as it gets on Wii U.

                    Fingers crossed for a patch to stop this inconsistency.

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                      Those damn glitchers need to be stopped!

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                        Just took a look for this and think I've found the exploit that people are using.


                        As PenguinAvenger said it is a glitch/exploit that exists on both the PS3 and XBox 360.  It also exists on the Wii U due to it being ported, just like the majority of glitches and exploits that we end up with.


                        An equally nasty and game breaking exploit still exists on BO2 but has yet to be patched because support was dropped before I could get the info to A_Trey_U.  I'm still sitting on the details and proof of it being used.  To make the matter worse there are more people using this same exploit due to it not being patched.


                        I know that the game has been hacked on the other platforms and people will be quick to either claim to use hacks in order to appear "cool" or want to blame it on hacks, but the Wii U, PS4 and XBox One are currently hack free.  This is just a glitch/exploit that is being abused.