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    Can X Box one and X Box 360 can play together?

      Means that can a player who plays ghost on x box 360 can play with another player via x box live?


      And another question: can I upgrade my x box 360 to x box one?

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          Xbox 360 and Xbox One players can not play together.


          There is currently no discount or special offer to upgrade your Xbox 360 console to a Xbox One console. However, you can upgrade your Xbox 360 copy of Ghosts, as well as a select group of other games, to a Xbox One copy for $10 USD.


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            Will the x box company will hopely make that change?

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              Treyarch are working on call of duty ghosts on xbox one and xbox 360 to play together in a future update so apparently it sort of depends on what the game creators are doing unless the creators of the game posted an update where and xbox 360 and xbox one can play together then you can do it. And no the xbox company wont do this themselves because it would cost billions of money to do it. especally with the new xbox one realeased they need money to make more games for it.


              There is no way to upgrade your xbox 360 to xbox one, you have to buy it thats how mircosoft makes money. The reasons xbox 360 cant because xbox one is because:


              The xbox 360 does`nt have to right type of disc reader to read xbox one games


              Mircosoft want money from us by buying a new game/console so they arent going to give you a upgrade to xbox one on your 360 console


              For the xbox one there are system improvements (not as much freezing,graphic messups etc) that if you downloaded it off your console your new xbox one would be missing some buttons on the controller (the xbox one remote is now like a play station remote)


              If you updated your console to xbox one via marketplace it wouldnt download xbox one games properly, graphics wont look good and game could possibly crash


              If you upgrade to xbox one via marketplace it would only read discs that work on xbox 360 if an xbox one disc were inserted it would say something like: you need and xbox one console to play this game please insert this disc again into your xbox one console.


              Thank you for taking your time to read this