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    A Letter To Those Who Complain About Camping.

      Ever since the launch of Ghosts, these forums have been overrun with people pissing and moaning about people camping. It seems every second post someone is getting all riled up about getting killed by a camper with an I.E.D/by someone ADS the whole round, etc.


      Here's a little newsflash; It's not going to stop. Ever.


      Don't get me wrong, campers piss me off just as much as the next guy. I realize that it sucks having a streak ruined by a guy sitting in a corner the whole round. I also wish that people would play the objective, that people would actually move around. But if you have ever played ANY other Call Of Duty game, you should have realized before even purchasing Ghosts that people are going to camp, and that you will run into campers.


      Treyarch tried to do something about campers by implementing scorestreaks for completing objectives, and by making the Ghost perk work only if you move around. Guess what? There were still campers. That should have been a huge indication that there will always be people who camp.


      Once again, i don't want people to get the wrong idea from this post. Yes, campers suck. But if you aren't prepared to deal with them, you may as well go trade Ghosts in and never buy another COD game again. The complaining is getting ridiculous.

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          Re: A Letter To Those Who Complain About Camping.

          The camping is getting ridiculous. The complaints are valid. Yes, there will always be campers. I personally blame BO2 for this. So what they had scorestreaks. The maps on BO2 were so damn small they encouraged camping! So, now, we have players who have been trained to camp more so then not. Now people camp because the maps are larger and they're afraid of hurting their stupid KDR stats. I'm more interested in having fun. I couldn't care less about KDR.


          I have little faith in Treyarch specifically because of the damage they've done to the COD series with that piece of garbage, BO2.


          Yes, you have to get used to the campers. I tolerate campers, but I do not accept them. They are the laziest players of all. The only instances where camping is honest is on Domination or Search and Destroy. Where you're actually defending an objective. To see camping on Kill Confirmed is plain annoying. It makes the different game modes pointless. Why offer anything more then TDM if campers are propagating in every game mode? It's stupid and ridiculous. And camping will bring about the demise of COD if it continues on the level it has reached now. It's never been this bad.

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              Re: A Letter To Those Who Complain About Camping.

              In Treyarchs defense, they were doing pretty much everything people wanted with BO2. People wanted smaller maps. Check. People wanted rewards for playing objectives. Check. People wanted a way to reduce camping (Ghost perk). Check. And i disagree with the "smaller maps encouraging campers" theory, i actually think its exactly the opposite. I thought that the smaller maps actually encouraged run and gun play since people would be easier to find, instead of getting sniped out for running in the open like what has been happening in Ghosts with the larger maps. Im not saying that BO2 was an amazing game by any stretch of the imagination, but at least they tried. I'd rather play BO2 over MW3 ANY day.


              I also feel that Ghosts is encouraging camping much more than BO2 did. The stackable killstreaks, the displaying of peoples KDR in the game lobbies, these things are what i feel are causing camping. I do respect your opinion though.

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              Re: A Letter To Those Who Complain About Camping.

              I hate campers too but as I have said on other posts, my definition of a camper may differ from what other peoples' do. And you're right that it's never gonna stop and it shouldn't because I believe that it encourages more strategic gameplay in that you need to be more aware of being out in the open and of the shooting lanes in maps, especially because of the large maps.

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                Re: A Letter To Those Who Complain About Camping.

                I don't get the whole problem with people camping.  Once you learn the maps you have an idea where people are going to be camping, so be careful in those spots if you prefer moving around all the time.  Use a bit more strategy than just rush in guns blazing non stop.

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                  Re: A Letter To Those Who Complain About Camping.

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