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    Cheaters, Modders, Losers

      I love playing Call of Duty.  I have BO1 and 2. I have MW3.  I am looking to get Ghosts.  However, on Black Ops 1 there seems to be a high number of Gamers using lines of code to Mod matches.  I feel the most popular one is the Non-Stop Mortar/Nova Gas Barrage. I have some admiration for people who have the skills to alter the game to allow for cheats.  I can't stand though, that people are actually doing it.  I have tried to avoid being that guy who reports players for being losers who require a cheat to excel at the game.  These Gamers will call YOU a loser because you play the way the game intended you to play and somehow you can't overcome a line of code that allows the cheater to be a loser.  Amazing!  They cheat and the rest of us are the losers. We have no skill.  We are whiners.  If wanting to play the game and win doing it legitimately, without using Hacks, Cheats, or Mods makes me a whiner, then get me some Fricken Kleenex.  Does anyone else feel they have had enough of these losers who exploit the game and ruin the fun for honest Gamers?  I don't know if I am allowerd to post GamerTags here, but I was told to so here is a GamerTag of a guy who I know for a fact was cheating.  And before I post his Tag, I want to make clear how I go about confirming a Gamer has used a cheat.  I first go into the players recent games on his/her player card. I look at recent games, specifically the one(s) I was privy to, and place it in my file share.  I watch the match from the Gamer's perspective. I watch the kill streaks come in and wait to see what happens.  Once the Mortars come in I watch the Gamers score and compare with the kills I actually saw him/her get, I can confirm my suspicion.  Another way I verify is to look at the Gamer's Heat Maps.  When Mortars are used that last the whole match you will notice the red heat signatures are almost entirely in the spawn points of the map.  For example: On Nuketown the red will be behind both houses.  Now I know for certain.  Not to mention their Kill to Death ratio will be insane.  Usually when I have not actually played a player, seeing their KD will arouse my suspicion.  Anyway. This Gamer I want to put on the Front page of this post is: Hava Seat.   As I said I don't know if GamerTags are allowed, but I was told to do so, and I have tried all other courses of action and netted zero result.