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    which is the right monitor

      hi im after buying a monitor to start using for gaming i mainly play fps and as i know little about what to look for i am after some help form people in the know cheers for the help

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          I would go with LCD over plasma.  Don't know if they changed or manage to fix it, but the half life on picture quality is longer with LCD.  Would also suggest making sure it has enough HDMI connections to support everything you want to hook up to it. 

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            I also would recommend LCD or LED over plasma, also you want to get one that has a higher refresh rate of like 120Hz so that with the HD you don't have problems with fast moving things. Also I would consider your normal distance from the TV when you play because having a big screen can be a bad thing if you are sitting too close and have to physically turn your head to see the other half of the screen.

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              Agree with plasma not being the best suited for gaming.

              But when it comes to LCD vs LED, I am not sure if there is another distinction to make and which one is better. I have a 22" Samsung LCD monitor (Syncmaster W2286L) for my gaming PC (modded Alienware Aurora) and play PS3 on 40" LED TVs (Samsung UE 40 ES 5500 and UE 40 ES 6300). Both have a game mode that apparently is optimised connecting consoles. With the current generations of panels there should also not be anymore the issue of 'too slow' for fast gaming movements.

              I like the larger size of the TVs, since in the games the characters blend in too well with the environment -> cannot see them on small monitor/TV.

              I appreciate this is not a technical advise but just sharing what works well for me.

              Good luck

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                asus  used by all mlg players on xbox usually or a dell for ps3/4 the asus is over 120g/h so theres no need for gasming cables it will fell like theres a lag but it  actually has a faster reaction time cause the game lalgs 1 second for everyone unless theres a moniter involveed!!!!!

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                  I use the family TV, in the living room, a 50 inch plasma HD and in the bedroom a 47 inch LED HD. I detect no difference in quality between the two.