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        myevo8you wrote:




        And you are RIGHT. This COD has broken a record. It was just posted somewhere that it was the least selling COD since COD4 and it was ALSO the most returned game that was newer than a month old in like 5 years. Although those ARE records, they are NOT ones to be proud of.

        Dont know where you got your information from but its wrong. Sellers bought 1 billion dollars worth of copies of Ghosts . That was at least 5 times the amount that COD4 sold. COD4 sold around 4 million copies up until January 2008. That was the 3rd month of its sales. Ghosts still hasnt hit the 3rd month of its sales yet. Still got 2 whole months to go. Ghosts has sold almost 17 million copies to sellers so far.


        The fact that someones opinion that it was the least selling game since COD4 is just that. An opinion.


        As for "the most returned game in history" you only have your assumptions, not fact. No game keeps an accurate record of the most games returned.


        Even though your numbers might be accurate the facts why they are accurate is all based on your assumptions. Doesnt matter in this world if only 10 thousand players were online, people still like this game.


        Now why dont you throw out accurate numbers from the same time period of each game. Like for example posting the numbers from a Friday night on BOTH games instead of throwing numbers from one game at peak periods and this one when almost everyone is at work ?

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          Ya! I prefer my enemies in hot pink hello Kitty colors too...

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            gameplay isn't the issue I'm having...  I cannot create a clan, see clan menus in game or in the app, and in fact the game tells me I'm in a clan on one screen but that I'm not in another screen.  I am not the only one experiencing this problem.  I have contacted activision support a few times and received no resolution.  I did not receive any feedback as the promised they would provide.  I have bought a defective product.  I have been told by activision that they don't know what's wrong and can't fix it. 


            I will not purchase another product from this company EVER again...  It is clear to me that activision believes it is more cost efficient to have a low paid employee respond to concerns over a defective product than to fix their problems.  Is it really a defective game, or the expected results from an incompetent business?

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              Well CoD was never going to maintain its record sales forever as sooner or later, people will get bored and start looking for the next bandwagon to jump on. I know I'm already riding the Fallout 4 Hype Train as hard as possible

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                GcP wrote:


                haha fanboy yeah you right...and I guess I could say your always the guy to complain about a new game how surprising and the reason im fine is because ive played every call of duty that has been out since CoD 3 so I think I understand what im talking about. just because you are bad doesn't mean it sucks. im not saying it doesn't have problems but you people nowadays just complain about anything. how about you go make a game and see hoe many flaws it has. you cant really rag on the people who made it for the very fact that you yourself didn't make it nor had any part to do with the making so if you are really concerned go make your own game and let people play it to see how many people complain that it all have fun hating gaming for the rest of your short career.

                Been playing since COD1. Try again. I have over 20 days played in ALL COD games.

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                  1.some have moved on to the xbox one. and 2. some have left xbox for ps4.

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                    The Xbox one has dropped by 10,000 over the last few days. So that was a 3rd of the community gone since launch last week. This game is bad no matter what console you play it on.

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                      elder scrolls online for me!! got into the closed beta and it was awesome

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                        9 pm last night..ps3 was at 140k

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                          myevo8you wrote:


                          GcP wrote:


                          that's a decent amount of people for just one system. you have to realize how many people get on and off the game. just because a lot are not at once doesn't mean they don't like it. you complaining is you just not liking the game because your no good. how bout you study up learn some stuff about the game instead of complaining about it. to many people whine and complain instead of adapting...the only that can make you better is YOU!

                          Typical FANBOY response. I AM quite good at the game, and all COD games in general. Over the past games that have been on XBOX 360 I have carried a 2.5 K/D or higher, a W/L of 4 or higher and usually have one of the top 3 SPM's in ALL modes that I play in the games where that is shown.


                          As far as adapting, there are some things that NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU KNOW there is simply no adapting to. How can you adapt to being spawned on TOP of an IED and before you control your player you blow up? How can you adapt to being spawned in front of 3 enemies? You simply CANNOT.


                          The game has fallen in quality and the majority of the MAJOR COD fanbase has noticed. I LOVED the direction that Treyarch has tried to take the series, to only be let down by the "creative minds" at IW and the others who helped on Ghosts and Modding Warfail 3. Look at how refined and better overall in quality, support, and enforcement the Treyarch games are handled. If issues arose, they were fixed almost INSTANTLY. How long have players been getting out of the map of Freight? SINCE DAY ONE. Has it been fixed yet? NOPE! 3 weeks in and we still have glitches that have been around since DAY ONE. All perks, and start with a death machine, YEP! You can do this, also been around since day one. Hacked Domination lobbies that never end and level you up with 65,000 points per kill, YEP still around.


                          Go back and look at the major glitches in BO, and BO2. Hmmmm.... Let's see. Copying a players prestige to your own FIXED WITHIN A WEEK, Prestige token glitch FIXED REALLY FAST and players BANNED, Trophy system glitch FIXED WITHIN TWO WEEKS, Remember the gold gun glitch that unlocked all pro perks in Black Ops? It was fixed quickly also and those that abused it were banned and reset.


                          Go look at ANY leaderboard in you Barracks. Filter it to "ALL" and go to the top. EVERY SINGLE ONE has master prestige players with kills in the bagillions and negative stats that overflow all over the place. Guess what is going to be done to them. NOTHING. IW has shown their lack of interest with actually enforcing their game because they know as long as their title has "CALL OF DUTY" attached to it, it is going to be deemed a "success".


                          In all honesty, if this game was NOT affiliated with COD, how well do you think it would be perceived? It would be another Homefront or Spec Ops:The line. It was poorly thought out, poorly executed, and most of the players have had enough.

                          I couldn't agree more. I always look forward to the year that Treyarch's next game comes out. They are always trying to improve and they aren't afraid to use any of IW's ideas if they are good. I also know that they don't mess around when it comes to support for their games. For some reason though it seems Treyarch always gets the black eye though. IW made so many bad decisions going back in time with this game. Example: Playing the objective is a joke in this game. Every game mode is played like TDM, boring. I think the casuals prefer IW and the diehard fans prefer Treyarch.